E-Waste Bins Overflow With General Waste Like Plastic Bags & Paper Cups

As electronic products get increasingly integrated into Singaporeans’ lives, the authorities have introduced e-waste bins islandwide so we can recycle these items in a sustainable way.


However, it seems that some members of the public have been misusing these bins.

On Thursday (6 Jan), a Redditor shared a disturbing image showing e-waste bins overflowing with general waste like cardboard and plastic bags.


Disappointed by the sight, the Redditor wondered what it would take for Singaporeans to make use of these e-waste bins responsibly.

E-waste bins overflow with general waste despite signs & labels

In a post on Thursday (6 Jan), Redditor u/fr3ezereddit shared about their horrifying discovery when they tried to dispose of some double-A batteries at the e-waste bins near their home.

Upon reaching the bin, the Redditor was shocked to see general waste like cardboard, paper cups, and plastic bags strewn all over the place.

Having held on to the batteries for over a month just to recycle them, the Redditor likened the sight to a “punch to their (my) face”.

It seemed many had turned a blind eye to the sign behind the bins, which read,

Recycle household batteries and bulbs here!

Frustrated, the Redditor wondered why Singapore residents can’t dispose of their waste in the right places.


Over 600 e-waste collection points in Singapore currently

The National Environment Agency (NEA) deploys these e-waste bins at public locations islandwide to encourage the public to recycle electronic items.

Common examples include light bulbs and batteries, as well as household appliances like computers and printers in these bins.

According to NEA, there are currently 600 e-waste collection points across Singapore, each only accepting a certain type of e-waste.

Needless to say, cardboard, plastic bags, and paper cups do not count as e-waste.

You can find out more about these collection points via NEA’s website here.

Hope Singapore residents will be more responsible

It’s sad to see the e-waste bins in such a sorry state. Rather than encourage recycling, such acts may deter those with the right intentions instead.

Let’s hope that Singapore residents will be more responsible, so we can carry out our green efforts more effectively.

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Featured image adapted from u/fr3ezereddit on Reddit and NEA