Elderly Man Asks For Donations Near AMK Hub, Needs S$3,000 For Late Mother’s Funeral Expenses

Elderly Man Seeking Donations In Ang Mo Kio

Here in Singapore, it’s not often we see people seeking donations or money by the side of the streets or in public.

But recently, an elderly man was seen asking for donations at AMK Hub in Ang Mo Kio, reported Shin Min Daily News.

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Source: Shin Min Daily News on Facebook

He wrote on the sign laid out before him that he urgently needed S$3,000 for his late mother’s funeral expenses.

However, some in the area say he has been seeking donations for about two months.

Elderly man seeks donations to pay late mother’s funeral expenses

For the past three weeks, many have spotted the elderly man, Mr Zhou (surname transliterated from Chinese), seated on a stool in the underpass between Ang Mo Kio MRT and AMK Hub.

When Shin Min Daily News reporters visited went down on Friday (21 Oct), he was barefooted and seated on a small stool with a mask.

In front of him laid two signs. The first said his family urgently needed S$3,000 for his late mother’s funeral expenses.

Source: Shin Min Daily News on Facebook

It went on to say that the money borrowed would be returned within the next three months.

As proof of his identity, he noted that he was willing to provide personal particulars to good Samaritans who contribute.

In the second sign, he thanked those that contributed generously to him. He also shared that they are now “1/3 of the way through”, meaning they have raised about S$1,000 so far.

Some claim Mr Zhou had been “begging” for a while

Speaking to Shin Min Daily News, Mr Zhou said he had become a “beggar” to raise funds for his mother’s funeral.

Two years ago, his 90-year-old mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She passed away two weeks ago, and his father had passed away earlier on.

Due to his financial limitations, Mr Zhou said he had no choice but to borrow S$3,000 from friends for his mother’s funeral.

But now, he needs to return the money and is asking for donations.

“Once I’ve received S$3,000, I will leave”, said Mr Zhou.

He shared that he stays in Toa Payoh and has been selling tissue paper nearby since his mother’s passing.

However, a nearby convenience store worker said Mr Zhou had been at the underpass with his signs for about two months.

Another member of the public also said they had spotted him “begging” in other areas before. Back then, he allegedly had gotten hurt while working.

Mr Zhou denies allegations

Mr Zhou denied allegations that he had been “begging” before, saying he had only been at Ang Mo Kio for about a week.

He said he was a security guard earning about S$2,000 a month.

But his monthly expenses set him back quite a bit, and he has not been able to save much.

So these days, he seeks donations at Ang Mo Kio during the day and goes to work at night.

“I’m getting old. If I find another job, I’m afraid my body can’t take it. It feels like I have no other choice”, Mr Zhou said.

He typically goes to Ang Mo Kio at 7am and leaves the place at about 8pm.

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