Elderly Uncle Has Been Fixing Basketball Nets Around Hougang & Sengkang For Years

We often assume that cleaners help maintain the quality of neighbourhood facilities like playgrounds and basketball courts.

Little do we know, regular Singaporeans chip in too, often carrying out such thoughtful acts silently so nobody will notice.

Uncle Chen is one example, going around fixing basketball nets in the Hougang and Sengkang areas for years out of his own goodwill.

Fixes nets so people can continue to play basketball

Uncle Chen is a familiar face for basketball players who have their games in the North-East areas of Singapore.

Basketball Facebook page Coach G – Singapore shared how Uncle Chen has been fixing basketball nets in Hougang and Sengkang for “many years”.

An old photo of Uncle Chen fixing a basketball net many years ago

The metal nets are apparently rare, and often take him around an hour to finish fixing.

Uncle Chen has to take a very tall ladder which he climbs to reach the very high nets. He continues to do so even in old age, carrying the ladder down from his flat nearby.

Sells bottled water to players

While Uncle Chen has never charged a fee for his services, he does earn an income from selling bottled water by the roadside.


Even then, he does so with the basketball players in mind, wanting to provide them with refreshing cold drinks to quench their thirst.

Uncle Chen’s generosity has brought joy to basketball players in the area for many years, and for that, many who know him are thankful.

Uncle Chen with a basketball player & the admin of Coach G

If you ever spot him the next time you’re in the North-East, why not buy a bottle of water or two to support him?

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.