Elderly Uncle Seeks Leftover Bread In Roadside Bin, Kind Passersby Gift Him A Sack Of Rice

Elderly Uncle Meets Kind Samaritans Near Kelantan While Looking For Food

As heartwarming stories go, we’re glad that kind Samaritans around the world are stepping up to do their parts in helping vulnerable members of our society tide through these tough times.

Over in Kelantan, Malaysia, a kind passerby’s tale of how he encountered an elderly man rummaging through a trash dump for leftover bread, will surely tug at your heartstrings.

Here’s his post on 14 May in full, we translate the story below.

Chanced upon elderly uncle at roadside rubbish dump

Mr Mizan begins the post by describing his journey by car to Kelantan with his nephew to help distribute donations.


While driving along the roadside, they spotted a figure near a cluttered garbage area.

Upon taking a closer look, they realised he was an elderly uncle. Mr Mizan immediately asked his nephew to “stop the vehicle” to approach the man.

Uncle hoped to salvage a meal from leftover bread

As it turns out, the pair found out the uncle had been looking through the trash in order to find something to eat — specifically leftover bread to salvage a meal.


Gifted with rice & monetary donations

Touched by his plight, Mr Mizan and his family decided to present the uncle with a bag of rice and some “zakat money” to help him tide through this tough period.


He closed his meaningful post with this quote,

There are still many who need our concern. 😭

And we cannot agree more.

A fateful & meaningful encounter

Mr Mizan’s meaningful encounter with this elderly uncle does sound like it came at precisely the right time.

If they hadn’t been on the way to help with donation efforts, the family may not have had a bag of rice at the ready to make a difference in the man’s life.

What other good deeds have you encountered in your life during this Circuit Breaker period? Do feel free to share your stories to keep the spirit of caring going.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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