This Emo Chinese New Year Guy Will Send You Into Hysterics

Man posts self-made memes onto his Facebook page, gets 1k likes

Belveen Singh knows what it’s like to be single during Chinese New Year.

So much so that he made an entire album of memes featuring pictures of himself as well as hilarious and sometimes inappropriate captions.

toss yee sang






We feel you bro.

And so does the rest of the Internet, because a few equally funny quips have popped up in the comments section:

comments section


Emo Chinese New Year Guy is only one of the few albums of memes Belveen Singh has uploaded. He has also made albums featuring Emo Christmas Guy and Emo Diwali Guy. Check out the rest of them here.

Meanwhile, we’re checking back every day for Emo Valentine’s Day Guy.

more memes


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Featured image via cilisos, Belveen Singh

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