S’porean Man Dies After Falling Glass Bottle Hits His Head At A Condo, Police Seeking Culprit

74-Year-Old S’porean Man Likely Killed By High-Rise Litter At Tanjong Pagar Condo

What was to be a merry housewarming party on Sunday (18 Aug) night turned out to be a nightmare for the family and relatives of 74-year-old Mr Nasiari Sunee.

The family had gathered at a condominium in Tanjong Pagar for a barbecue.

The barbecue pits are on the right

According to the family’s accounts, Mr Nasiari had just taken a seat at the table near the barbecue pit to eat when they heard a loud thud. They spun around to see him lying on the ground, with blood gushing from his head.

Just then, there was a glass bottle on the table, which the family deduced had hit Mr Nasiari on his head.

The bottle, after ricocheting off his head, had also hit and bruised a relative’s shoulder.

Passed away the next morning

Mr Nasiari was immediately taken to Singapore General Hospital for treatment, The Straits Times reports.

During the treatment, his heart stopped thrice. The family said they made the decision, that if his heart stopped a fourth time, they would tell the doctors to not try to resuscitate him. This is so his pain wouldn’t be prolonged.

The next morning, Sunday (19 Aug), Mr Nasiari’s blood pressure dropped sharply and he passed away at about 9am.

Nephew pens heartfelt tribute

On Tuesday (20 Aug), Mr Nasiari’s nephew penned a heartfelt tribute on Facebook.

A picture of Mr Nasiari and his wife accompanied the short write-up.


The next day, he wrote another post. This time expressing his indignation at the person who threw the bottle down, whether on purpose or by accident.


Police investigating the matter

While the police have begun investigating the matter, the culprit has not yet been caught.

High-rise littering is difficult to catch because it could have come from any level. And there aren’t cameras everywhere to capture the culprits.

Nevertheless, the National Environment Agency (NEA) is doing its best to install more cameras to catch killer litterers.

For those who worry about their privacy, NEA promises that only authorised staff are allowed to access the recordings. And there always has to be an official reason for doing so.

High-rise littering surveillance camera

You’re responsible for your trash

Last year, more than 1,200 high-rise litter cases were reported to NEA.

High-rise littering is a persistent and dangerous problem. Even a small object, if thrown from a height, can cause serious, sometimes fatal, injury.

We can do our part too by watching out for high-rise litterers and reporting them to the authorities.

MS News extends our condolences to Mr Nasiari and his family.

Featured image from Google Maps.

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