M’sia Family Including Mother With Newborn Forced To Live In Car, NGO Provides Help

Malaysia Family With 4-Day-Old Baby Forced To Live In Car, NGO Provides Assistance

When people fall in hard times, one can only hope that they receive the help they need.

One Malaysian family of four ended up living in a car as they could not afford rent.

The family car even housed a four-day-old newborn and a sick five-year-old boy.

In their current financial state, the parents could not afford to bring the boy to see a doctor either.

After hearing of their plight, NGO Murtadha Dakwah Centre located the family and provided them with a temporary place to stay.

Family with newborn forced to live in car

A family of four in Sungei Petani, Malaysia, recently wound up homeless and sleeping in their car instead.

According to Sin Chew Daily, the father was a car mechanic but had become unemployed. The family could not afford to pay rent so they were forced to live in the car.

To make things worse, his wife gave birth just days ago. With no house, she effectively had her confinement period in the front seat of the car.

Source: mStar

The fourth and final member of the family was the couple’s five-year-old son.

He lay in the back seats, resting while battling a high fever, according to mStar.

Source: Sin Chew

Unfortunately, the father could not afford to take him to see a doctor.

NGO gives them a place to stay

Muhammad Ridzuan, head of the Murtadha Dakwah Centre, an NGO also known as MADADcare, learnt of the family’s plight from phone calls.

Mr Ridzuan then tried to locate the family, finding them parked outside a mosque so that they could easily use its toilet.

According to him, the family had been living in the car for three days.

Source: mStar

The organisation took the sick boy to see a doctor and provided a temporary place for them to stay at the MADADcare office.

“We are in the process of solving their problem,” Mr Ridzuan stated.

Hopefully, the family can find themselves in a better spot soon.

Earlier this year, an ex-teacher in Malaysia became homeless after losing her job, resorting to begging for food.

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Featured image adapted from mStar.

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