Netizen Claims Farmpride Buffalo Wings Taste 96% Like Pizza Hut’s Sweet ‘n’ Spicy Wings

So, you might have heard of how Freezepak chicken nuggets taste exactly the same – 98% to be exact – as McDonald’s McNuggets.

These Frozen Nuggets Taste Exactly Like McDonald’s Minus The Curry Sauce, Claims Netizen

Well, the same netizen who recommended those frozen nuggets have made a new discovery.  This time, he hopes to find alternatives to Sweet ‘n’ Spicy Drumlets from Pizza Hut.

Here’s his post comparing 3 brands, we also summarise his review after the jump.


Netizen tries 3 brands of sweet and spicy wings

In his post, Mr Koh confessed he only orders Pizza Hut for their signature Sweet ‘n’ Spicy Drumlets — which he described as his “all-time favourite”.

Hence, he decided to embark on a quest to discover the top 3 brands that resembled those from Pizza Hut.

After some research, he narrowed it down to 3 products:

  • CP Roasted Hot Wings
  • Betagro Buffalo Spicy Drummet
  • Farmpride Buffalo Wings

He oven-baked all 3 brands of wings and ordered those from Pizza Hut for a fair comparison.


While CP’s and Betagro’s wings put up a good fight with 75-80% similarity, Mr Koh ultimately crowned Farmpride Buffalo Wings the winner.


Farmpride Buffalo Wings are 96% similar to Pizza Hut’s, claims netizen

According to him, Farmpride’s chicken wings are 96% similar to Pizza Hut’s, especially in the taste department.


When it comes to spiciness, Mr Koh claims Farmpride’s wings pack a slightly heavier punch and gives it a 10 in comparison to Pizza Hut’s 8.

He calls it a “must-try” for those who can tahan spicy food.

Sold at FairPrice, Cold Storage & Giant

Farmpride’s Buffalo Wings are available in 450g sealable packets. Assuming each drumlet is approximately 33g, each packet would contain roughly 14 pieces.


It is available via the following online shopping platforms:

They are also halal-certified too, so our Muslim friends can try them out too.

The perfect snack to accompany movie night with fam

If you’ve tried Mr Koh’s previous nugget recommendation and found it bearing an uncanny resemblance to McNuggets, be sure to give these wings a try.

After all, snacking on sweet and spicy drumlets sound like the perfect snack to accompany movie night with the fam. 

We wonder what Mr Koh will be exploring next. Popcorn chicken? Fries? We guess only time will tell.

Meanwhile, if you’ve tried Farmpride’s Buffalo Wings yourself, leave a review in the comments below. We’re sure Mr Koh would love to hear it from you too!

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