Man Cleans & Reassembles Toy Trolley Found In M’sia Dumpster, Gifts It To Daughter

Father Gifts Daughter Toy Trolley He Found In Rubbish Heap & Cleaned

While not every parent is able to give their kids everything they want, they’d still do everything within their power to give them a happy childhood.

Some of these gestures turn out to be the most creative ones, like this family who threw their daughter a party in a hospital parking lot.

In one man’s case, he decided to show his love by gifting his daughter a toy trolley he had found in a rubbish dump.

Source: TikTok

Before surprising her with the “new” toy, he even cleaned and reassembled it himself.

Father shows process of restoring toy trolley for daughter

The father from Malaysia uploaded a TikTok video showing the process of finding, restoring, and gifting a toy trolley that he retrieved from a rubbish heap.


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At the start of the slideshow, a bright pink trolley can be seen lying in a pile of rubbish.

Apart from some dirt and a couple of wheels missing, the toy appears to be fairly intact.

Later on, the man is shown dismantling the trolley so he can clean its parts thoroughly, one at a time.

Source: TikTok

His daughter is then seen posing happily with the trolley, next to a younger boy who is presumably her younger brother.

In the background, one can see that the siblings have a small collection of toy cars as well as a ‘Frozen’-themed rug.

Father says not everyone can afford new toys

While some may look down on the idea of taking toys from the trash for their kids, this father is not one of them.

In the video’s caption, he said he doesn’t care what others have to say as long as his kids are happy.

Responding to a user’s comment, he implied that he cannot afford to buy toys for his children and this was the alternative.

He also advised the general public to place unwanted toys by the side of rubbish bins instead of inside them so that those in need could take them.

After the video went viral a day later, he posted a follow-up TikTok expressing his surprise at how quickly the video spread across social media.

Source: TikTok

In the comments there, he revealed that he shared his story in the first place as a reminder to cherish one’s parents while they’re still alive.

Netizens share similar childhood stories & offer to donate toys

The act of fatherly love inspired viewers to share their own childhood stories, many of which were similar to the man’s children.

One user shared that the video reminded them of the times they used to collect toys from the garbage pile as a child with their mother.

father toy trolley rubbish

Source: TikTok

Another viewer shared that their father once brought home a discarded bicycle and that they still have it although it is no longer functional.

father toy trolley rubbish

Source: TikTok

A commenter chimed in saying that they too used to pick up toys from the rubbish heap with their siblings as they knew their parents couldn’t afford new toys.

father toy trolley rubbish

Source: TikTok

At the same time, multiple kind-hearted netizens offered to donate toys.

One user wanted to know how they could send toys, stationery, and clothes to the man’s children.

This garnered a string of responses from like-minded viewers, with the original user saying they were awaiting the OP’s reply.

Source: TikTok

Another kind soul asked the OP how they can go about donating toys that are still in good condition to him.

Source: TikTok

Overall, people appeared to be supportive and empathetic towards the father’s efforts.

Parental love knows no bounds

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is a saying that this dedicated father has clearly taken to heart.

While no money was spent on the toy trolley, its value comes from the love and effort that went into restoring it.

We hope his daughter creates many happy memories with the toy and that she continues to lead a joyful childhood.

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