Sweltering 34°C CNY Weather Expected, Pack Your Portable Mini-Fans To Bai Nian

Warm Weather Expected In First Half Of February 2019 In Singapore

This February, as you’ll be all aglow from all the ang pows you’ll be receiving for Chinese New Year (CNY), be prepared for another wave of heat as well.

We’ve all been hoping for the 21.7°C ah simply heavenly weather — yes, recall the cool January we enjoyed in 2018 with everyone wearing their winter wear outdoors. Well don’t expect this to make a comeback.

At least for the next 2 weeks, as we celebrate the hot, scorching Year of the Roast Pig.


Expect high temperatures of up to 34°C

According to Meteorological Service Singapore, the first fortnight of February 2019 will see the prevailing Northeast Monsoon conditions persist, with low level winds blowing predominantly from the north or northeast.

Light winds, few clouds and solar heating of land areas will also bring about a daily temperature range of 24-33°C on most days.


And on days with little to no rainfall, the daily maximum temperature could rise to as high as 34°C.

In other words:


Stay cool this CNY

With all that said, now you know what to pack when you go to bai nian this CNY — those portable mini-fans you’ve been leaving lying around for way too long.


And while you may probably get judged by those around you for being too uncool carrying them around, we assure you it’ll be better than melting under the heat.

Who knows, you might just become their life saviour when they ask to share some of those little winds during this hot weather.

In other words, stay cool this CNY.

We hope you’re ready to roast in the sun.

Featured image from Unscrambled.sg.

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