Kind M’sian Couple Handed 5RM By S’porean Couple For Changing Flat Tyre

Singaporean Couple Allegedly Locked The Car As They Feared “Getting Robbed”

Motorists out there, do you know what to do in the event of a busted tyre?

While most of us have to consult the experts at YouTube University on how to change one, this Singaporean couple got rather lucky.

Although their car’s tyre was punctured while in Johor Bahru (JB), they had the good fortune of meeting a Malaysian couple who was willing to help them out.

However, the Singaporean couple’s subsequent actions, were rather questionable — to say the least.

A Malaysian woman named Ms Stephenie Tan, has shared what she felt about the incident in a viral post.

We summarise her account after the jump, but you can read it in Chinese here.


Helping an elderly couple in need

The incident allegedly happened at the carpark of AEON Tabrau City — a shopping centre in JB just 30 minutes by car from Woodlands Checkpoint.


According to the Facebook post, Ms Tan and her husband had just finished watching a movie when they saw an elderly couple in distress at the carpark.

An elderly man then approached them, requesting for help with his busted tyre in a Singaporean accent.

Apparently, he was having trouble loosening the bolts attached to the tyre.

Without hesitation, Ms Tan’s husband went over to help.

Grabbed her handbag & shut the door

Ms Tan noted that the passenger car door was left ajar before her husband worked on the tyre.

However, as soon as Ms Tan’s husband began removing the tyre, the unnamed Singaporean lady rushed to get her handbag from within the car, promptly shutting the passenger door.

She allegedly stood next to the car with a “diao” face, observing Ms Tan’s husband at work.


For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, here’s what it means:

Feared they would “steal their belongings”

Faced with such “rude behavior”, Ms Tan was understandably angry. After all, she felt that they were clearly going out of their way to help the couple in need.

Ms Tan also thought that the Singaporean lady’s actions seemed to show that the couple was afraid Ms Tan and her husband would “steal their belongings”.

Handed 5RM for their efforts

After spending 5 minutes changing the tyre, the Singaporeans thanked the Malaysian duo for their help.

Before leaving, the Singaporean man handed 5RM (S$1.66) over to Ms Tan’s husband, presumably as a token sum for his efforts.

Ms Tan felt amused yet insulted by the man’s gesture, claiming that she and her husband helped purely out of instinct and not due to some monetary reward.

Right intention but wrong execution?

What are your thoughts on this incident?

Could this be a case of the right intentions coupled with the wrong execution, blown out of proportion?

Featured image from Facebook.

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