Food Delivery Rider Takes Lift With Cockroach, Jumps Onto Railings To Avoid Pest

Food Delivery Rider Takes Lift With Cockroach While Delivering Order

There is not quite a job out there like a food delivery rider’s — having to brave the elements and, at times, deal with annoying requests from customers and eateries.

A delivery rider even had to face his fears when he shared a lift with his nemesis — a cockroach.

In a TikTok video, the delivery rider dramatically jumped onto the lift’s railings to avoid the pest.

Source: usuvke on TikTok


He did so skillfully, holding a customer’s order with one hand while filming the insect’s movements with the other.

Food delivery rider jumps onto lift railings after seeing cockroach

While we all know someone deathly afraid of cockroaches, it’s still a funny sight when we see someone react so adversely to the pest.

That’s what makes the 28-second TikTok video such a fun watch.


let me work in peace

♬ Funny lazy donkey (hilarious song)(937200) – LEOPARD

Captioned simply with, “let me work in peace”, the video starts with the cockroach seemingly circling the delivery rider.

Source: usuvke on TikTok

The rider, in an expletive-filled monologue in Malay, warned the cockroach not to “act up”.

However, the insect clearly did not heed his advice and moved closer to the delivery rider.

Getting too close for comfort, the rider jumped on the railings inside the lift to elevate himself off the ground and away from the cockroach.

Source: usuvke on TikTok

Still feeling apprehensive, he pointed the camera at the cockroach as the insect ran rounds around the lift.

The second the lift got to its destination and opened its doors, the delivery rider bolted out, leaving the cockroach and food order unscathed.

Remained professional despite cockroach appearance

The TikTok community spared no expense in laughing at the delivery rider’s demise.

A netizen commented, “I thought u levitated LMAO” noting how swiftly the man jumped on the railings.

Source: @usuvke on TikTok

Another TikTok user suggested the unthinkable, setting out the scary proposition of the cockroach taking flight.

Source: @usuvke on TikTok

Seeing how the delivery rider managed to capture the whole incident while holding onto a customer’s food, the netizen can only offer a salute.

Source: @usuvke on TikTok

Whether you find it funny or have watched the video in a cold sweat, some comments mention how many of us would do the same if we were stuck in the same situation.

MS News has reached out to the OP for more information on the incident and will update this article when he gets back.

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Featured image adapted from @usuvke on TikTok.

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