Delivery Rider Falls Mid-Journey In Rain, Checks If Food Is Okay First Instead Of Himself

Malaysian Food Delivery Rider’s Fall In The Rain Shows Why We Should Appreciate Essential Workers

In the last hours before the closing of bubble tea stores in Singapore, crowds of food delivery riders were patiently waiting for our drink orders while we enjoy the comfort of our homes.


Rain or shine, food delivery riders work round the clock to ensure our foods are delivered on time; even if it means sacrificing their well-being.

Food Delivery Rider Urges S’poreans To Be Patient With Late Orders During Fasting Month

This FoodPanda delivery rider in Malaysia fell off his motorbike while rushing an order to his customer in the rain.


Despite tipping over, the delivery man was still adamant about delivering the food in order to protect his job.

Delivery rider toppled off his motorbike in the rain

The delivery rider was on the way to his customer’s address when his motorbike slipped, causing him to fling off the vehicle, according to a Facebook post on 16 Apr.


He was able to get help from witnesses of the accident and got his flipped bike back on track.

While most would grimace in pain after suffering such a bad fall, the food delivery man was only anxious about the food in the container.


The first thing he did was to check its condition, rather than his own well-being. It was only after a while did he pick up his wet phone from the ground.

Job requires him to take such risk

Seeing the sacrifices our food deliverers are making during this critical period, the netizen decided to share the incident on Facebook, reminding all to be more understanding of them.

Despite bad weather, these people are rushing to ensure warm food arrive at our doorsteps, so as to maintain adequate reviews on their profile.

When customers get impatient after a long wait, and then cancelling or refusing the order, this could put their livelihoods at risk.

Hence, our riders might have no choice but to speed on slippery grounds, resulting in accidents like this.

Be kind to our delivery riders

As the netizen advises, order your food early so this may lessen the chances of you having to wait for long.

Even if your order is a tad late, we can always be more understanding of what they have gone through to get orders to your doorstep.

Let this poignant moment be a reminder of our food delivery riders’ sacrifices.

After all, it does not hurt to be more kind to the people doing their best to help us get through our ‘Circuit Breaker’.

Featured image adapted from Facebook & Facebook.

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