S’pore GrabFood Rider Stranded After Bike Tyre Pops, Customer Goes To Him & Helps Send Order

Customer Fetches Own Food From Delivery Rider After Latter’s Bike Tyre Pops

Food delivery riders face various job hazards, including, occasionally, transportation issues.

Take this rider, for example, whose e-bicycle tyres popped when he rode over a pothole.

Thankfully, the customer who learned of his misfortune was understanding enough to head over to collect his order from the stranded rider.

food delivery rider bike tyre

Source: @kirostory on TikTok

The customer’s kindness didn’t stop there as he even helped to deliver the rest of the rider’s order to an address near his home.

Customer travels to stranded food delivery rider whose bike tyre popped

On Friday (27 Jan), TikTok user @kirostory uploaded a 4-minute long video detailing his experience with a GrabFood rider late one night.


Collecting food from my GrabRider because he popped his tyres, but guess what? #fypシ #grabfood #r15

♬ Bored – Lukrembo

In the video, he explained that the delivery rider fulfilling his order was stranded at an HDB block along the way after the tyres on his e-bicycle popped.

Completely understanding the rider’s predicament, the OP told him to stay put and that he’d head to the location to collect the food himself.

food delivery rider bike tyre

Source: @kirostory on TikTok

Recording his journey there, the customer wrote that it wasn’t a big deal and that these things can happen.

He also quipped that the rider could’ve met with a mouthy Karen instead, which would have made for a bad experience for anyone.

Rider offers to pay customer to help him complete a delivery

After turning into a carpark, the OP quickly located the HDB block the rider was at.

The moment the OP found him, the food delivery rider explained the situation he had found himself in. Seemingly more concerned for the rider’s safety, the OP asked if he was okay.

food delivery rider bike tyre

Source: @kirostory on TikTok

The video then cuts to the rider asking the OP or the customer if he could help with another order. After the latter answered in the affirmative, the rider showed the necessary details he had to know to complete the task.

The food delivery rider even offered to pay the customer for helping him at his job.

Source: @kirostory on TikTok

However, the OP explained that he works as a delivery rider too, so it wouldn’t be a problem.

Tying the bags of food onto his motorcycle, the OP left and the two wished each other well.

Second customer threatens to file complaints even after hearing explanation

On his way home, the OP made a stop at the rider’s second intended destination to deliver his other order.

While handing the order over to the customer, he explained that the tyres of the original rider’s bike had popped, thus causing the delay.

Source: @kirostory on TikTok

Unfortunately, the customer didn’t seem to be having any of it. Instead, he complained that the food was already cold and asked if he could still lodge a complaint to the delivery platform.

Despite his best attempts to defend his fellow rider, the OP eventually told the customer, “It’s up to you la.”

Source: @kirostory on TikTok

Walking away from the exchange, he lamented that “some people just don’t care”.

He also pointed out that even his own food order was cold after the whole ordeal.

Speaking to MS News, the OP said that Singapore still has a long way to go when it comes to being kind to one another.

After the experience, he came to a conclusion and said, “You can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.”

Certainly, not many would go to the extent the OP did to help someone in need. Kudos to him for being so kind and thoughtful.

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Featured image adapted from @kirostory on TikTok

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