Food Delivery Riders & Taxi Drivers Can Eat Out, But Must Have Proof Of Employment

Essential Workers On The Move Can Eat In Public Spaces

The Circuit Breaker measures have inconvenienced everyone in different ways, but none more so than workers who still have to be out and about.

Food delivery riders, taxi drivers and the likes have had to adapt to so many new rules, from regular temperature checks to disinfection and mandatory mask-wearing.


Now, the ban on dine-ins or eating outside as part of Circuit Breaker measures are making it extra tough for them to take their breaks.

Thankfully, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has recently made exceptions for such workers.

Food delivery riders & workers on the move can eat in public spaces

After seating areas at food places were cordoned off from 7 Apr, many Singaporeans were at a loss.

Workers on the move, especially, had nowhere to take their breaks or have meals.


Going home to eat may be too much of a hassle for those who are too far away.

Aware of their dilemma, the MOH loosened the rules a little for the group of workers.

In an update to their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding Covid-19, MOH states that workers can eat in public spaces if returning home or to their offices isn’t practical.


This only applies to “selected workers whose work requires them to be on the move”, like food delivery riders or taxi drivers.

The priority should be on making it home or back to their work premises for meals, but if that’s not possible, they can eat inside their car or on their delivery vehicle.


They must still observe safe distancing measures, such as eating alone and keeping 1 metre away from the next person.

Most importantly, these workers must carry a valid proof of employment to show Safe Distancing Ambassadors, Enforcement Officers and police officers upon request.

Consideration for individuals in specific circumstances

As strict as Circuit Breaker measures have been, we’re glad that MOH constantly reviews them and considers people’s needs.

Hopefully with this clarification, workers on the move can go about their tasks with greater ease and peace of mind.

For the rest of us, let’s do our best to abide by all the measures for the sake of our health and safety.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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