This Heart-Wrenching Poem From The View Of A Foreign Worker Made Us Stop And Think

The plight of immigrant workers seen through this poem

Foreign workers have been the backbone of Singapore’s workforce for a good number of years. They perform the tasks that most of us will not even consider.

Despite this, many Singaporeans continue to under appreciate their contributions and are impervious to the plight that they go through.

This poem presumably sees an immigrant worker responding to an interrogation by a policeman as to why he is sitting there.

His response is a heart-wrenching, and he’s clearly in a state of distress. This could be a number of reasons ranging from financial issues or maybe he is just plain homesick.

The poem showcases us the troubles our foreign workers may face and how lonely they are in dealing with all these troubles.

This piece of writing highlights to us that there is a greater need to help them.

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Spare them a thought

So, if you happen to chance upon a foreign worker the next time you are on your way to the coffee shop, do not hesitate to flash them a smile or even ask him them how their day is going.

A little concern might not solve all their problems, but hey, its the thought that counts.

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