Makan Rescue App Helps You Find Free Food Nearby

Ever walked past an event’s buffet spread and yearned for a plate of free food?

Now you can fulfil that wish with Makan Rescue, an app created by a group of Singaporeans which alerts users to leftover food nearby.


The initiative which aims to curb food wastage is a win-win solution – no food gets thrown out, and people get to eat for free.

Extra buffet food for everyone

Events tend to cater more food than necessary perhaps out of precaution, but that means heaps of servings leftover.

What happens to the food then?


Well, caterers often have no choice but to discard them, since the food which was prepared hours earlier could go bad soon.

That’s where hungry folks like us come in because we just can’t say no to free food.

Locate free food using Makan Rescue app

More than just alerting users to free food, Makan Rescue also locates the exact venue, along with photos of what the spreads look like.


Users can also upload “missions” if they know of any leftover food that needs to be “rescued”.

A screenshot from the Makan Rescue app

Based on the sample photos uploaded so far, most of the missions seem to occur at tertiary institutions only, though there’s an “others” option too.

But local universities like NUS, NTU and SMU have their own “channels” which users can follow, to find food at the respective campuses.

Students scrimping on every dollar should definitely check the app out if you don’t want to spend on food.

Eat for free and reduce wastage

Even the app, which is available on Google Play and the App Store, is free, so there’s no excuse not to install it.


It’s always such a shame to see large amounts of food go to waste. Hence, this initiative by the Makan Rescue team is truly commendable.

Let’s support a good cause and do our parts to work towards becoming a zero-waste city.

Featured image adapted from the Makan Rescue app and Facebook.