S’porean Makes Muslim Cemetery App To Help Families Locate Loved Ones’ Graves

Muslim Cemetery Address App Records Details Of Graves & The Deceased

We can all relate with the struggle of finding a loved one’s grave at the cemetery. No one can remember the ‘address’, and the road signs don’t really help.

A young Singaporean decided to make things easier for everyone by creating a cemetery address app that acts as an address book of sorts.


Called “Pusara Checklist”, the free app by Nur Ramadhan will make visiting graves a far more pleasant experience.

With all the useful features that this app boasts, perhaps one that caters to graves of all races and religions can be created in the future to help even more people.

Muslim cemetery app has complete features

Most free apps tend to offer limited features, but this one has all the best things in store.

The homepage shows information about the deceased, with a full list of all the grave occupants’ names.

Along with the names are other information like:

  • Grave address (cemetery location, block & plot number)
  • Date of passing

From the main page, the comprehensive search options let you do either random or specific searches, using filters like name or plot number.

And just like how we get anywhere using Google Maps these days, there’s also a GPS navigation feature that leads you to an exact location.


Now those who come by public transport won’t have such a hard time finding their way around.

Contribute to the app

Though fairly in-depth, the app isn’t complete yet as the database could still do with some updates.

For every new death that occurs, family members are encouraged to contribute by adding relevant details about the deceased as noted in the examples above.

With such contributions, relatives and friends of the deceased can also benefit from the app.

Helping the alive & deceased

The creation of Pusara Checklist will surely ease people’s experiences when finding and visiting their loved ones’ graves.


Not only will they be able to spend more time in prayer or cleaning the graves, but they’ll also have no trouble sharing information with others who may want to visit.

For a clearer idea of how the app works, watch this video by BERITAmediacorp:

Featured image from Google Maps.

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