Friends Sit At M’sia Eatery In Pouring Rain, 1st Person To Stand Has To Pay

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Friends In Malaysia Withstand Heavy Rain As Part Of Amusing Challenge

When dining out with a group of friends, a conundrum always presents itself at the end, when deciding who has to pay.

A group of friends in Malaysia came up with a creative solution by proposing a challenge — which ended up with them sitting in the heavy rain.

Eventually, one of them caved and stood up, losing the dare and having to pay for everyone’s meals.

Friends challenge each other to stay put even as rain falls

In a TikTok video on 23 Feb, user @maggiebakar shared a clip of himself and three friends sitting around a table filled with empty plates and cups.


siapa bangun dia bayar🤣 #fyp #beranda #part1

♬ เสียงต้นฉบับ – DJ Tonkar Remix – DJ Tonkar Remix

The table was in the open, just outside an eatery in Malaysia. The caption simply says “siapa bangun dia bayar”, which means ‘who gets up will pay’, indicating that they were challenging each other to see who would get up from their seat first.

While it’s unclear if the rain started falling before or after the challenge commenced, the OP’s friends seemed to be sitting firmly with sheepish smiles on their faces.

One of them uttered something but the overlaying music muted his words. Another friend in a white t-shirt wiped his face as people do in the shower while shaking his head, perhaps to get the water out of his eyes.

Source: @maggiebakarr on TikTok

The third friend had his head down the entire time.

One person caves & has to pay for everyone

In the end, the friend with his head bowed ended up having to pay, which implied that he caved and stood up first.

In a subsequent clip, he appeared embarrassed as he dug through his bag.


Replying to @musamin46 dah penat balik kerja kena pulak bayar makanan kawan🤣

♬ original sound – OtamBlurrrrr – user54283627166

Amused by the outcome, the OP laughed audibly while waving his finger at his friend.

Just friends having a good laugh

The OP didn’t reveal for how long they actually sat in the rain. But in a reply to a comment, he admitted that they felt a little unwell after the little stunt.

Source: TikTok

We certainly hope that they weren’t seriously ill and have since recovered.

That aside, we’re sure the friends created precious memories that they can laugh at and reminisce.

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Featured image adapted from @maggiebakarr on TikTok.

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