HDB Resident Complains About Funeral Blasting Loud Music, Contacts Police Regarding Matter

HDB Resident Upset After Funeral Allegedly Blasts Loud Music In Neighbourhood

Funerals can often be extravagant affairs to mark the passing of a loved one.

One such ceremony, however, rubbed a resident the wrong way, especially when loud music began playing in their neighbourhood.

Claiming that the noise went on for over an hour, the resident said they contacted the police regarding the matter.

Funeral allegedly played loud music for over 1 hour

On Thursday (30 Nov), the resident posted in the Complaint Singapore Facebook group, claiming that a vehicle for the funeral, parked near their HDB block, had been blasting loud music for over an hour.

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They alleged that the sound was audible even after they closed all doors and windows in their home.

“Yes it’s a funeral, I get it, and I empathise with those mourning,” the OP wrote. “But seriously, be considerate… there are babies in this neighbourhood as well as the ones at the opposite BTO.”

The OP had also apparently confronted the people holding the funeral, who accused them of being rude.

Source: Facebook

Ultimately, the OP ended up contacting the police regarding the situation. In response to their queries, the police allegedly said that they had received some calls regarding the same issue, which they described as “not acceptable”.

In their post, the OP attached footage of the vehicle in question blasting music in the vicinity behind the HDB block.

Source: Facebook

Netizens tell resident to be more lenient

The post has since garnered nearly 200 comments on Facebook, with many users seemingly disagreeing with the way the OP handled the situation.

One user pointed out that such ceremonies have been around for years, so it would probably be better for the OP to let the matter go.

Source: Facebook

Another netizen suggested that the OP learn to “give and take”, adding that they personally wouldn’t have minded it.

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Others echoed the sentiment, stating that it was not really an issue that warranted a complaint.

Source: Facebook

The consensus among netizens thus seemed to be that the complaint was an overreaction on the OP’s part.

Singapore Legal Advice, however, states that residents can contact their respective town councils if any noise generated goes beyond “reasonable levels”.

If the noise persists between 10.30pm to around 7am, they can choose to elevate it to the authorities by calling the police.

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