Thanks To Gatsby, Armpit Smells Have Never Looked More Handsome

Gatsby, the famous hair wax brand, has gone out of their way to promote a new brand of roll-on deodorant for men.

And we mean raising the bar by fashioning an anime series out of 7 personified body odours.


Think the 7 dwarves, but named after kinds of armpit smells.


We give you Wackey Seven — a clever pun on “wacky” and “waki” which means armpit in Japanese. The following translations are credited to Grapee Japan‘s original article which you should definitely read here.

The trailer for the anime, featuring a kick-ass theme song is also worth a watch.

We’ve introduced the characters and their brief bios here, so you can help your friend with B.O. pick the most relatable one.

1. Milk (Milky Smell)


Character Name: Milk (Milky Smell)
Catchphrase: “In the name of milk, I’ll punish you!”
Weapon: A machine gun that shoots white goo.
Voiced By: Junya Enoki

Apparently, you can have a milky body odour which is as gross as it sounds. If you ever smell one you’ll probably need to stay far away, instead of chewing a pacifier like this character — or simply recommend them this deodorant.

2. San (Acid Smell)


Character Name: San (Acid Smell)
Catchphrase: “Think you can make acid?!”
Weapon: Chemical weapon containing ‘Object X’
Voiced By: Shou Nogami

Probably the most foul-smelling body odour that anyone can have, San (Acid Smell) literally burns your nose with its stench.

3. Spice (Spicy Smell)


Character Name: Spice (Spicy Smell)
Catchphrase: “Be intoxicated with my spice!”
Weapon: Gatling gun with in-built grinder.
Voiced By: Takeaki Masuyama

If you had too much mala recently, this could be your anime-equivalent. One thing’s for sure, no one is going to be “intoxicated” by your smell.

4. Kabi (Mouldy Smell)


Character Name: Kabi (Mouldy Smell)
Catchphrase: “Mould is my friend.”
Weapon: A staff that harnesses the power of mould.
Voiced By: Shoya Chiba

Do you know the smell that emanates from a month old bread left on the counter? Neither does most people, so don’t be that ‘friend’ that lets everyone experience this scent.

5. Mushiniku (Steamed Meat Smell)


Character Name: Mushiniku (Steamed Meat Smell)
Catchphrase: “Jet Steam Attack!”
Weapon: Massive bamboo weave lid from a dim sum steamer basket.
Voiced By: Tasuku Hatanaka

Mushiniku emanates steam from his body probably signifying body odour. As for the reason why it has a Steamed Meat smell, it supposedly represents the most common form of body odour with a meaty aroma.

6. Namagawaki (Musty Smell)


Character Name: Namagawaki (Musty Smell)
Catchphrase: “Isn’t it beautiful? This is wet.”
Weapon: Nure Ichimonji (Mop) Sword
Voiced By: Atsushi Kousaka

The best way to describe this smell is a stale and wet storeroom. Wielding a mop sword, Namagawaki’s smell cuts through even the strongest protagonists.

7. Tetsu (Rusty Smell)


Character Name: Tetsu (Rusty Smell)
Catchphrase: “Every time you see metal, remember me!”
Weapon: Rustron Suit
Voiced By: Arthur Lounsbery

Apparently, this is a legitimate smell created when people who have sweaty palms touch metals. Tetsu fires his arm out at opponents showing how this smell hits your nose.

Gatsby deodorant wipes them out

Shaped like a nuke, the Gatsby deodorant descends from the heavens to wipe out the 7 antagonists.


That’s when we see the true intention of this anime-styled advertisement. It is Gatsby trying to sell their new roll-on deodorant.


Even if the deodorant isn’t as epic as the advertisement makes it seem, the effort that Gatsby took to create this advertisement is worth commending.

Unfortunately, their Singapore website doesn’t sell this product. So if you really want one for yourself, you’ll probably need to take a trip to Japan.

We can still laugh at the trailer though.

Featured image from YouTube.