Geylang Terrace That Homeowner Refused To Sell Now Sandwiched Between 2 Condo Buildings

Geylang Terrace House Sits Between 2 Condo Buildings

Three years ago, a man living in Geylang made headlines for refusing to sell his terrace house in Geylang to make way for condo projects.

Today, that same terrace is now sandwiched between two condo buildings which are near completion.

Awkward position aside, it has also blended into the construction, having been covered by canvas and scaffolding.

Not too far away is another terrace house which the owner refused to sell as well. In contrast, it remains in its original state.

Owner of Geylang terrace has seemingly moved out since end of 2022

The terrace house and condo projects are located along Guillemard Road in Geylang.

The projects are NoMa by Macly Group and La Brisa by Tiara Realty, both of which offered to buy the terrace houses at lucrative sums years ago.

A Shin Min Daily News reporter who scoured the site on Monday (27 Mar) found that construction on both condos was nearly complete, with the buildings stretching to the sky.

The terrace house consists of two storeys. The first floor is a Buddhist prayer hall and the second floor is where the owner stays.

However, the property is now reportedly empty, and it is believed that no one has resided there in a while.

A resident living nearby told Shin Min Daily News that the house has been empty since December last year.

Since there are construction noises on both sides, the interviewee said that the homeowner may have found it hard to tolerate and moved away.

She also shared that the other terrace house situated at Geylang Lorong 28 may be slightly better off as the construction was only occurring on one side for them.

Other Geylang terrace that was unsold remains the same

The Shin Min Daily News reporter also noted that the Geylang Lorong 28 house looks largely unchanged.

Of note was the house’s exterior, which had knick knacks like bird cages, flower pots, and fish tanks.

Geylang terrace between condo

Source: Shin Min Daily News on Facebook

Although the homeowner, 63-year-old Mr Goh, declined an interview, he emphasised again that he will not sell the house.

Previously, he revealed that his late mother had purchased the property. Since her demise, he and his elder sister have continued to live there.

He also said then that he did not want to give up what he deems a ‘Garden of Eden’ in the city centre.

Furthermore, he highlighted that freehold property is now hard to find in Singapore.

Neighbours say Geylang terrace houses look out of place alongside condos

Another neighbour who spoke to Shin Min Daily News expressed that the traditional terrace houses don’t fit in with the modern, towering condos.

From their point of view, they felt that it lacked harmony.

On the other hand, a condo resident staying nearby said that the terrace owners are usually quiet and don’t disturb those staying around them.

Since the owners remain steadfast in their decisions, we hope they can continue to live there peacefully long after the condos have been built.

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Featured image adapted from Shin Min Daily News and Shin Min Daily News on Facebook.

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