7-Eleven M’sia Has Ghost Pepper Cola, Drink This With Mala To Amp Up The Burn

7-Eleven Malaysia’s Ghost Pepper Cola Is The Latest Spicy Challenge We Wish Will Reach Singapore

Singaporeans’ love for spicy food has pretty much incorporated mala into our daily diet, but our search for greater thrills continues. 7-Eleven Malaysia may have the answer to that in the ghost pepper cola, which they released in time for Halloween.


Sold in a special combo pack with the ghost pepper noodles, the set is guaranteed to leave you with a searing burn.

Ghost pepper cola a fizzy drink with a different kick

Your friends who dislike fizzy drinks like Coca Cola, Pepsi or Fanta would often complain about the sharp, almost acidic taste.

Imagine that sensation paired with the kick of one of the top 10 hottest peppers in the world, and you’ll be in for a wild ride.


Thrill-seekers who’ve had their first sip of the drink described the smell as “painful”, to the point where it almost sent them sneezing.


If that’s not enough to scare you, this YouTuber later coughs after his first gulp, before retching and burping.

He then sniffles before once again describing the taste as “gassy, spicy, painful”, while pointing out his teary eyes.

Combo pack comes with ghost pepper noodles

Those who wish to go all out with the spiciness would be happy to know that the drink comes in a pack with the ghost pepper spicy chicken noodles, which we all are familiar with by now.

Judging from how many struggled to take the noodles’ heat, we wouldn’t recommend washing it down with the cola.

But if you still wish to do so, you might want to chope the toilet in advance so the fam will know that you’ll be in there for a while.

Hope combo will reach Singapore soon

While we wouldn’t wish unbearable pain upon anyone, challenging our friends to try exciting food inventions is always fun.

Unfortunately, the combo is only available in Peninsular Malaysia’s 7-Eleven stores for now, at RM8.90 (S$2.90) per pack.


Who knows, though, if we want it badly enough, it might reach Singapore’s 7-Eleven soon, like the ghost pepper Mamee did.

Otherwise, we’ll just have to hope that the drink will still be around once borders reopen, and we can visit Malaysia again.

Would you try the ghost pepper cola? Let us know in the comments.

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