Malaysian Girl Chokes On Piece Of Bread In Accident At Babysitter’s House

While feeding our children solid food, we should always be careful about ensuring that they consume food in bite-sized pieces.

A tragic accident in Selayang town near Kuala Lumpur involving a young girl who was only 2 years old, will be a sad reminder to all of us to do so.


On Saturday (6 Jul), Bernama reported that the child “fell unconscious” after “choking on a piece of bread” at her babysitter’s house.


She unfortunately passed away on Thursday (4 Jul), just 4 days after her stay in the Selayang Hospital.

Malaysian police are now investigating the case, after the hospital’s staff reported the matter to them.

But what were the events that led up to the tragedy?

At babysitter’s house when tragedy struck

On Monday, at around 10am, the unnamed 2-year-old girl was sent to the Selayang Hospital unconscious.


She had reportedly been staying at a caretaker’s house, prior to the incident.

“Piece of bread” found during resuscitation

While attempting to resuscitate the young child, medical staff found “a piece of bread”.


She was then warded, but sadly passed away 4 days later. The official cause of death after a post-mortem was conducted was “hypoxic-ischaemic encephalopathy”.

This means that the victim’s brain could not get enough oxygen and blood supply, resulting in multiple organ failure after the incident, reports Bernama.

We mourn the loss of a young life

Due to the nature of the case and unnatural cause of death, Malaysian authorities will be investigating what led up to the child “choking on bread” under Section 31 of the Child Act.

However, the main takeaway for us in Singapore is to always be careful about how we portion food for our children.

Even if it’s something as normal as a piece of bread.

Our sincere condolences to the family of the victim, and may the investigation’s results provide some solace to them.

Featured image from Google Maps.