Crying Kid Left Alone At Coronation Plaza, Kind S’porean Accompanies Her Until Helper Returns

Domestic Helper Neglects Young Girl, Helpful Singaporean Sat With Her Till She Returned

Update (5 Mar): The Facebook post has been taken down as the child’s mother is now aware of the incident.


Many Singaporeans entrust their children to their domestic workers while they are away at work. However, this trust is sometimes betrayed.

A netizen shared that they found a little girl by herself sobbing outside Coronation Plaza and decided to stay with her until her carer returned.


When the helper returned, she denied any fault after being confronted and did not bother to comfort the girl.

Helper was unperturbed by girl crying

The poor girl was presumably frightened after being left alone and was crying.


Her sobbing pulled at the heartstrings of the passers-by, so they sat down with the girl.


The helper later arrived, sauntering towards them. Apparently, she was “making no effort to hurry despite seeing the child sobbing”.

Unfortunately, the helper appeared unperturbed and even became defensive when the netizen told her she could not leave the girl alone.

Worse still, she allegedly did not try to comfort the child as she told her to get going.

Netizen wants to find her parents

The netizen hopes to bring the helper’s “indefensible” actions to light.

They believe that any mother, or parent for that matter, would want to know what happened to their child. In the comments, they added that this was every parent’s nightmare.


In making the post, they hoped that their parents would be informed about this.

Kudos to the passers-by for accompanying the girl

Luckily, the kind passers-by decided to accompany the poor, frightened girl.

Fortunately, nothing untoward happened to her. The amount of things that could happen if she were to wander off is too distressing to list in this article.

We hope that the helper will not repeat this mistake again – it’s very important that children are not left alone unattended.

Kudos to the netizen for staying by her side until the helper arrived.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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