Man Arrested On Suspicion Of Throwing Glass Bottle From Tanjong Pagar Condo, To Be Charged Soon

Australian Man Suspected Of Throwing Italian Wine Bottle From Tanjong Pagar Condo

Earlier this month, 74-year-old Mr Nasiari Sunee lost his life after he was struck in the head by a falling object.

He was sitting at the barbecue pit of a condo in Tanjong Pagar when it happened.

The barbecue pits are on the right

A glass bottle was found on the table, which his family deduced had hit Mr Nasiari on the head.

On Friday (30 Aug), The Straits Times reported that an Australian man has been arrested for the alleged crime of throwing a glass bottle down the building.

His actions were believed to have caused the 74-year-old’s demise.

Police went door to door in search of culprit

While it wasn’t revealed when the arrest was made, The Straits Times reported that the suspect will be charged soon.

Police officers had conducted a door-to-door visit at the 35-storey condo to identify the culprit.

Residents of the condo, located along Spottiswoode Park Road, claimed that officers showed them a picture of an Italian wine bottle.

Officers also asked if they had been drinking and if they could provide fingerprint samples.

Hit by glass bottle when he was about to eat

On 18 Aug, the late Mr Nasiari attended his relative’s housewarming party held at the barbecue pit of the condominium.

The late Mr Nasiari on the right 

He was said to have been struck in the head by a bottle, moments before he was about to eat.

Mr Nasiari was brought to Singapore General Hospital where his heart reportedly stopped thrice during treatment.

In order not to “prolong the pain”, Mr Nasiari’s family decided not to resuscitate the grandfather of 9 should his heart stop for the 4th time.

Sadly, Mr Nasiari’s blood pressure plummeted the next morning and passed away at 9am.

He was buried the next day.

Rest in peace, Mr Nasiari

We extend our condolences to the family and friends of the late Mr Nasiari.

While the arrest and potential incrimination of the suspect will likely do little to replace the void in their hearts, we hope that this incident brings greater awareness to the general public regarding the dangers of killer litter.

Rest in peace, Mr Nasiari.

Featured image adapted from Google Maps

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