S’pore Gojek Driver Cancels Ride After Finding Vomit From Drunk Passengers The Day Before

Singapore Gojek Driver Cancels Ride On 2 Feb After Finding Vomit In Vehicle

When taking private-hire vehicles (PHVs), it’s a common courtesy for passengers to inform the driver should they make a mess inside.

Failing to do so may not only leave the driver with more cleaning to do but can also put them out of work temporarily.

This was unfortunately the case for a Gojek driver who had to cancel a ride after finding vomit in his car’s rear.

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While there was no indication of how the vomit ended up there, the driver suspected that it was from a group of drunk passengers that he ferried the night before.

Drunk passengers allegedly leave vomit in Gojek vehicle

Recounting the incident, Gojek driver Charles told MS News that he picked up a group of six passengers from Dunlop Street at about 3am on Thursday (2 Feb).

After dropping them off at Jurong East, he did not sense anything amiss apart from the smell of alcohol, which he got rid of by winding down the windows while driving home.

The next morning, he detected the smell of alcohol again and lowered his windows while driving to meet a friend.

After the appointment, Charles started his driving shift at about 2pm and received a ride request shortly after.

Upon reaching the pickup point, one of the passengers boarded the vehicle and found vomit on the seat and floormat. She immediately informed Charles, who was “stunned” at the discovery.

Source: Facebook

Though the passengers wanted to carry on with the ride, Charles decided to cancel the job for their comfort. They were apparently heading to a rather faraway location in the rain.

Source: Facebook

Pays S$70 for cleanup, claims S$50 from company

After visiting several car shops in the East, Charles received various quotations for the cleaning job — from as low as S$58 to as high as S$250.

Some of these establishments, however, did not issue receipts which would allow him to submit a claim from Gojek.

In the end, Charles ended up visiting a friend’s shop in the West and was charged S$70 for the cleanup. Gojek eventually reimbursed him S$50 after he submitted a claim.

In addition to forking out S$20 for the cleaning service, Charles pointed out that he also lost out on earnings as he wasn’t able to drive for the entire day.

“Lose money, lose time earning. That whole day end up no drive”, he said, as he described his unlucky day.

Hopefully, this incident serves as a reminder for passengers to take responsibility for their actions and highlights the challenges private-hire drivers deal with in their line of work.

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