Driver Gets Upset With Passenger For Fiddling With Aircon & Kicks Him Out, Gojek Investigating

Gojek Driver Argues With Passenger & Kicks Him Out Of Vehicle

On multiple occasions, the expectations of private hire vehicle drivers and customers may clash. This can result in heated confrontations.

And given the prevalence of social media these days, there’s a chance some of these encounters will be uploaded for the world to see.

Such was the case recently in Singapore, where a Gojek driver began to argue with his passenger, upset by him fiddling with the aircon and recommending lanes to travel on.

In a video that has since gone viral, he eventually kicked the passenger out of his car.

Gojek driver argues with passenger

Posting to SG Road Vigilante (SGRV) on Facebook, the OP stated that the incident occurred on 7 Jan.

The video started in the middle of the argument, with the driver accusing the OP of “trespassing”.

Source: SGRV on Facebook

“You touch my aircon without permission. You should ask me, ‘can I lower it?'” he shouted. The OP replied that he had waited 15 minutes after asking his permission before adjusting the aircon. This, however, infuriated the driver even further.

The driver also pointed out another bone of contention: the OP demanded that he use a specific lane after the ride had started.

It seemed like the driver had had enough, so he told the OP to leave his vehicle.

The OP refused, retorting, “No, you have to send me to my destination. I am not getting out of the car.”

Tells the passenger repeatedly to exit vehicle

After a bit of back-and-forth, the driver threatened to call the police. Unfazed, the OP goaded him to do it.

The driver then yelled at the OP for having “thick skin”, demanding to know why he wasn’t exiting his vehicle.

Source: SGRV on Facebook

The situation continued to escalate, with the driver shouting at him to leave and the OP refusing to do so.

When he attempted to adjust his seat, the driver grew even more infuriated, yelling at him to stop touching the chair.

“You must ask my permission,” he said. “It’s my car. It’s not yours… you think what, taxi?”

This irritated the OP, who again pointed out that he wanted the driver to take a different lane.

“That’s the centre lane,” the driver said, evidently in disagreement with the OP’s suggestion. “And I don’t like [when] you fiddle with my aircon.”

Driver drops him off at random carpark, asking him to get out

Eventually, the OP told the driver to drop him off at a police station in the area, stating that he would lodge a police report.

The driver finally agreed, sliding into a carpark and stopping the vehicle. He gestured aggressively for the passenger to get out. “Get out of my car! Out! Out! Out!”

The OP quickly disembarked as the driver immediately left the scene.

In response to MS News‘ queries, a Gojek spokesperson said they are currently investigating the case and have reached out to both parties to verify details of the incident.

They also stressed, “We do not tolerate negative outbursts or impolite behaviour of any kind towards passengers or driver-partners.”

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Featured image adapted from SGRV on Facebook.

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