Zion Riverside Food Centre Renovation Works Extended

UPDATE (2 Mar): Renovation works for Zion Riverside Food Centre has reportedly been extended for a month till 31 Mar due to “ground conditions”.

In Nov and Dec last year, 2 popular hawker centres – Golden Mile Food Centre and Zion Riverside Food Centre – closed for renovations, to the dismay of many foodies.

But after what seems like just yesterday, both hawker centres will reopen for business on 28 Feb.


While the hawker centres didn’t close at the same time, them reopening on the same date may inspire some foodies to travel to both of them in a single day to celebrate.

Golden Mile Food Centre & Zion Riverside Food Centre reopen on 28 Feb

Long have we waited, but these popular foodie havens will reopen in less than a week, according to the National Environment Agency (NEA) website.


Zion Riverside is known for their No. 18 Zion Road Fried Kway Teow, which temporarily moved to Chinatown Complex during their home’s upgrading process.

Zion Riverside Food Centre Will Close For Renovations, Famous CKT To Have ‘Pop-Up Stall’ In Chinatown

Meanwhile, ah balling fans tend to pack the 75 Ah Balling stall even when the Winter Solstice is impending — such is their popularity.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t get our hands on their peanut and sesame tang yuan last year as the hawker centre underwent its renovations.

We do expect a longer-than-average queue for the stall once it reopens.

Refurbishing cultural heritage

You probably won’t find a better love story than Singaporeans with hawker centres.

Luckily, more are being encouraged to preserve and continue the hawker centre heritage passed down by past generations, coupled with renovations to freshen them up.

We’re sure that many will be more than pleased that these 2 food centres are finally reopening, so mark your calendars for the promised day.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Google Maps.