This Grab Car Has Dank Marvel Memes, Charging Pods & Personal Stereo, So Your Rides Won’t Be Boring

Grab Car Driver Lets You Choose Your Own Music & Decorates Interior With Memes

From in-car charging ports to refreshing drinks, many private-hire drivers have gone out of their way to make sure passengers are comfortable throughout their journey.


While such perks would rank high on the functionality chart, we at times just want something to brighten our day. If memes sites are often your choice of a little ‘perk-me-up’, this wholesome Grab car will surely make your day.

Surain Kumar, a Grab driver and a self-professed Marvel fan, decorated his Toyota Axio with plenty of witty memes and contraptions that would cheer up even the moodiest of passengers.

Dank Grab car has memes littered across the backseat

If you happen to get the 29-year-old as your Grab driver, we highly recommend taking the back seat, ‘cos that’s where all the magic is.

You’ll be greeted by Captain America the moment you open your door, explaining why Surain would glance to his left from time to time.

Mr Surain isn’t a fan of litter too, so he has engaged Mr Liam Neeson to teach defiant litterbugs a lesson if they leave pieces of rubbish in the car.

“Free stuff inside!” cigarette case

Smokers would be stoked to see this cigarette case on the back of the left headrest, labelled “Free stuff inside!”.

Sorry to say, there are no cigarettes inside. There’s potentially a free scare for you though if you’re scared of cockroaches.

But hey, it’s still a hilarious prank and an ever-timely reminder of how the world works.

Don’t abuse charging cables or Cable will find you

Surain’s car also comes with charging wires — not 1, not 2, but 3. So it matters not whether an Android or iPhone is running out of juice, you’ll definitely leave his car with a fuller battery than when you first got on.

There’s one condition though, Surain hopes users do not “abuse” the wires, or risk feeling or Cable’s wrath. Very punny, we know.

Dank Grab car allows you to choose your music

Most of us who’ve sat in our friends’ car would be guilty of having asked if we could dictate what music’s being played.

On Surain’s car, you’ll can do so using the Samsung phone that he has attached to the armrest.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a party animal, participant, or just someone who wants to catch up on sleep — you have the power to decide the tune being played during your ride with Surain.

In light of the Covid-19 outbreak, Surain has also placed 2 bottles of alcohol hand sanitiser on both sides of the passenger doors.

No more having to wait till you reach your house’s toilet before you can scratch that itch on your nose.

Grab driver hopes to make passengers happy

When interviewed by MS News, Surain shared that he only started installing these memes and contraptions around 6-7 months ago.

At one point, Surain found that most of his customers were “unhappy” during the commute.

Hence, he decided to decorate his car with witty installations to cheer his passengers up.

It started out with the ‘DJ setup’, but soon expanded to other memes and stickers.

To date, most of his passenger’s responded positively to the installations — some asked him to add more, while others commented that he has “too much time”.

What punny ideas should Surain consider next?

It’s pretty cool to see a driver like Surain coming up with fun ways to make his customers’ days better.

Though they might not suit everybody’s taste, we are sure his passengers appreciate the effort, especially if they consume memes all the time.

Do you have other punny ideas that Surain could use for his future installations? Share them in the comments below and you never know, he could very well take them into consideration.

Featured image adapted from MS News. 

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