Grab S’pore Driver Puts On Bollywood Music For Bengali Passenger, Pulls Out Dance Moves

Grab Singapore Driver Plays Bollywood Music For Bengali Passenger

Living in a multicultural country, Singaporeans are no strangers to the traditions and customs of various groups.

One Grab Singapore driver recently played Bollywood music for a passenger at her request.

Grab driver Bollywood music

Source: @diyaofficiall on Instagram

He showed some dance moves too, leaving the passenger with a memorable ride experience.

Bengali passenger rates Grab driver five stars for playing Bollywood music

This past Tuesday (16 Jan), social media content creator Diya shared a video of an unforgettable Grab ride she took.

The video started with Diya showing herself in the backseat of the car, before panning the camera to her driver.

Providing some context via onscreen text, she said that her Chinese Grab driver was playing some Bollywood songs for her.

A lively track could be heard playing from the car speakers, which were apparently connected via Bluetooth to the driver’s phone.

At the same time, the driver showed off some dance moves that looked right out of a Bollywood movie, animated hands and all.

“The way he vibes,” Diya wrote in the video, voicing her approval. She also implied via her caption that she rated him five stars.

Grab driver also played Bangladeshi songs

Speaking to MS News, 21-year-old Diya, whose day job is a preschool teacher, described the driver as being “really friendly and chatty”.

He mentioned to her that he enjoys all genres of music, including Bollywood.

What caught Diya’s attention was when he mentioned that he also played Bangladeshi music, as she is Bengali.

The Bollywood music came on rotation at Diya’s request.

Shared musical tastes aside, Diya revealed that her conversations with the driver also went into deeper territory as he told her stories about “how some people wish they are very rich”.

He attempted to demonstrate people’s desire for wealth using hypothetical ‘this or that’ questions. One of the scenarios he posed was would one rather be rich and have many servants and be paralysed, or lead a normal, simple life.

Along the way, the driver shed some light on his background, such as the fact that he used to work in real estate.

However, he no longer wants to work in that line, and enjoys meeting up with other drivers in his spare time.

The driver went on to share that he is 50 years old, and confidently declared that he looks much younger than he is as he has maintained a vegetarian diet since young.

Grab Singapore rewards driver for outstanding service

Needless to say, the driver’s personality has won over the Internet, with Diya’s video having garnered over 121,000 views at the time of writing.

The video has even caught Grab Singapore’s attention.

“Thank you for sharing this story! We’ve reached out to OP to extend our thanks to this driver-partner,” wrote the company in the comments section.

Grab driver Bollywood music

Source: Instagram

Diya shared with MS News that Grab Singapore had also requested the driver’s details via TikTok, where the video had been posted as well.

In that comment, Grab Singapore mentioned that it would like to send “a little something” to him, indicating that a reward was on the way.

Responding to MS News’ queries, a spokesperson from Grab Singapore thanked the user for the “heartwarming video”.

“We’ve also reached out to the driver-partner to offer him some fuel vouchers as a token of our appreciation,” said the spokesperson.

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