Grab driver uncle pulls out guitar & serenades female passenger at red light

Grab driver serenade passenger

Grab driver uncle serenades female passenger while at red light

Many of us use e-hailing apps to get around Singapore on a daily basis.

What’s less common, however, is getting serenaded by one’s driver during a ride.

One passenger recently encountered a driver who pulled out a guitar and began performing a popular Cantonese song — all while at a red light.

Grab driver serenade passenger

Source: @poodsot on TikTok

The impromptu performance impressed the passenger, and a video she posted online has since gone viral.

Grab driver charms passenger with serenade of ‘Shanghai Beach’ by Andy Lau

The wholesome experience was shared in a video by the passenger, who goes by the username @poodsot on TikTok.

@poodsothe was the GOAT, rly made my day. special shoutout to him and him only♬ original sound – onion girl

Via onscreen text, she revealed that the uncle had suddenly whipped out a guitar “from nowhere” and started singing when the car stopped at a red light.

He then proceeded to belt an acoustic cover of ‘Shanghai Beach’, the theme song to the popular 90’s film ‘Shanghai Grand’ starring Andy Lau.

The performance impressed the passenger, who wrote in her caption that he “really made (her) day”, and called him the “GOAT” (greatest of all time).

In the comments, she added that the uncle told her he practices playing the guitar so he won’t forget how to play, since he is getting on in age.

Grab driver serenade passenger

Source: @poodsot on Instagram

In addition, he showed the passenger pictures of him and his grandchildren.

Viewers heap praise on Grab driver’s performance

The video of the Grab driver uncle’s acoustic performance has racked up more than 194,800 views since it was posted a day ago, effectively making him TikTok-famous.

Viewers were full of praise for his soulful rendition, and one of them said they would have given him a five-star review if they rode with him.

Grab driver serenade passenger

Source: TikTok

Another viewer quipped that this was the uncle’s response to the typical passenger request of turning the radio on.

Grab driver serenade passenger

Source: TikTok

The video even caught the eye of The Straits Times (ST)’s TikTok account, which said the uncle “ate” (modern jargon for doing something extremely well).

Source: TikTok

Another viewer echoed its sentiments, calling the uncle “part-time Grab (driver), full-time superstar”.

Source: TikTok

On a more sentimental note, one viewer thanked the passenger for sharing the video. They shared that their late grandma used to sing the exact same song to them, and they never thought they would hear it again.

The passenger then comforted them by saying that their grandma is always watching over them.

Source: TikTok

This driver was not the first to attract attention for a captivating “performance”.

In early January, a passenger shared a video of a driver who played Bollywood music at her request. He also showed off some animated dance moves, much to her delight.

MS News has reached out to @poodsot and Grab Singapore for further comment.

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Featured image adapted from @poodsot on TikTok.

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