GrabFood Rider Tells Challenges Of Working During CB, Seeks Understanding For Late Orders

GrabFood Rider Asks To Spare A Thought If Deliveries Are Late In Open Letter To Singaporeans

During this “Circuit Breaker” period, many Singaporeans stuck at home find themselves using the food delivery apps on their phones more. Due to the surge in orders in light of stay home advisories, some may equate being a GrabFood rider to earning more money.


However, one particular rider shares the deeper troubles of the job amidst the Covid-19 outbreak, and it’s not as rosy as people assume it to be.

Not easy being a GrabFood rider amidst Covid-19

In a now viral, lengthy and emotional Facebook post, he pens down the struggles he and his fellow riders face.


With the sudden surge of people ordering food, you’d think that they’d make more.

However, the rider argues that that is not the case, as Grab has allegedly removed rider incentives and trip fees.

Stricter regulations like safe distancing while waiting for orders and temperature checks also slow down processes a great deal.

He explains how in order to make their deliveries on time, sometimes they have to speed up just so no negative reviews come their way. This, despite having to battle the unforgiving weather sometimes.


The rider, who has a “light road bike”, is still physically fit, but raises the plight of others who may not be as lucky as him.

For all that effort, he states that they only get an average of $5 per delivery.

Facing complaints from GrabFood customers

Perhaps unaware of their sacrifices, some customers complain, reportedly even calling them “carriers of Covid-19”.


The rider claims that they complain that their orders arrive too slowly, not understanding that food delivery riders have to make multiple deliveries. Some people even treat them as carriers of Covid-19, when in actuality they’re being as careful as they can too.


He urges Singaporeans to be more understanding of their predicament and hopes his post shines some light on the situation.

It is absolutely heartbreaking to have to hear that food delivery riders have to go through such pains in such a trying time.

Let’s be more understanding towards our GrabFood riders

These riders are people who have families to provide for and are working just as hard as those of us at home.

We strongly urge everyone out there using such food delivery services to be more understanding of their situation.

A smile and a simple thank you can really go a long way in these difficult times.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.

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