GrabFood Rider Bounces On Customer’s Trampoline After Getting Permission

Life may feel like a routine at times, but we should always stop to smell the roses, and realise that sometimes, even the littlest things spark joy.

Recently, a GrabFood rider was going about his deliveries when he chanced upon a trampoline at one of his customer’s house.

He proceeds to ask for permission to play on the equipment and soon found himself happily bouncing on it.


GrabFood rider spots trampoline in customer’s backyard

On Thursday (29 Mar), GrabFood rider Sharil shared footage of the unexpected encounter on his social media pages.

Some of you might find him familiar. He frequently shares wholesome – and at times, less pleasant – interactions while working as a food delivery rider.

GrabFood Rider Vlogs Heartwarming Interactions On Delivery Rounds, Spreads Happy Vibes

Recently, Sharil was making a delivery in the north-east region of Singapore when he chanced upon a trampoline at a customer’s private residence.

In the video, as the male customer gives Sharil tips for the delivery, Sharil cheekily asks for permission to have a bounce on the trampoline.


The customer asks him, “Ha really ah, why?”, to which the rider chuckles and says, “For fun.” The man later gives him the go-ahead and even tells him to “enjoy”.

As he walks towards the huge trampoline, Sharil couldn’t help but start laughing to himself.


Bounces on trampoline without a care in the world

Later, as Sharil climbs the steps that lead to the trampoline, he asks himself,

Do I bounce with shoes, or without shoes?

“Never mind, with shoes,” he says, and proceeds to step on the equipment with his shoes still on.

As he starts bouncing on the trampoline, Sharil laughs with unadulterated joy, almost like a kid at the circus.


He bounces about for about 10 seconds before coming down and thanking the house owner.


The little things in life bring us the most joy sometimes

Kudos to Sharil for sharing the interesting experiences he encounters as a delivery driver.

The ecstasy he experienced while bouncing on the trampoline goes to show that we need not resort to elaborate means to be happy. Instead, it’s very often the simple things in life that bring us joy.

For more wholesome content, check out his social media pages on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

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Featured image adapted from Sharil B on YouTube