GrabFood Rider Vlogs Heartwarming Interactions On Delivery Rounds, Spreads Happy Vibes

GrabFood Rider Vlogs Interactions In His Daily Work Routine, Cheers Viewers Up

Food delivery riders have been a ray of light amid the bleak isolation of Covid-19, fulfilling our cravings around the clock.

Many of them have taken to vlogging – that is, video blogging – when they perform some unique deliveries like singing “Happy Birthday” or saying “I love you” on behalf of a customer.

One GrabFood rider has put his own spin on his vlogs, showing a typical day at work, literally from his own point of view.


With a GoPro strapped to his helmet, he set out on his usual deliveries, compiling the day’s highlights to share on his YouTube channel.

GrabFood rider greets people along the way

His latest vlog opens with him stopping at a red light, and greeting some cyclists next to him.


They share a friendly exchange, with the GrabFood rider even joking that they switch rides at one point.

During a break, he stops to get a can of coffee, pausing to say “cheers” to an uncle who was also drinking nearby before chugging it down.

Stops to pet a cat & take in the scenery

Despite being busy with deliveries, he still stops to smell the flowers — or pet a cat, in this situation.

The HDB community cat cozies up to his coos and nuzzles against the deliveryman, eager for some ear scratches. If you listen closely, you can even hear the audible purrs.


Up in the HDB block, he shares the epic cornflower blue sky and fluffy white clouds, reminiscent of an impressionist painting.


See the light in little things

Many of us might feel jaded with staying at home and having fewer ‘fun’ activities than before.

This rider’s vlogs, however, show us how typical, everyday sights can still make your day. All you need is a light-hearted attitude, and a different point of view.

We hope this post perked you up. Take life a little slower, and a little easier. Before you know it, you’ll start seeing the light in the little things too.

Featured image adapted from YouTube

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