S’poreans Show Appreciation To GrabFood Riders With Mini Home Concert

Ordering delivery is super satisfying on lazy days when even a trip to the coffee shop downstairs can seem like a hassle.

GrabFood riders are the unsung heroes that have emerged throughout ‘Circuit Breaker’ and our days of working from home.


Whether it is a snack, bubble tea or a guilty pleasure supper, these riders work hard to deliver food, and joy, to our doorsteps.

For a group of young Singaporeans, they decided to show their appreciation by putting together a mini concert for these dedicated individuals.

GrabFood delivery turns into a live concert

While many of us could choose to stay safely at home, GrabFood riders tirelessly and thanklessly put themselves at risk as they handle one delivery after another.

grab driverSource

A group of Singaporeans came together and decided it’s time they showed their appreciation towards these riders.

They decided to do this with a grand gesture — a sparkly backdrop, stage lights and 5 acapella singers gathered. The stage has been set.

Unsuspecting Grabfood riders approach the house. But this was no ordinary delivery.

A white cloth falls, the lights flicker on and a sweet melody begins.


The 5 singers burst into their special rendition of the Backstreet Boys song, ‘I want it that way’.

Watch the full video on what went down here.


Unsuspecting GrabFood riders

The GrabFood riders featured in the video were visibly confused at the turn of events.

Their reactions to the live concert, put up specially for them, was priceless to say the least.

While some were too stunned to react, others were amused.


This rider hurriedly fished out her phone to capture the performance as she watched with glee.


It was definitely an unforgettable moment for them.


As the performance went on, this rider looked very emotional.


He gave a fist bump to thank the group of friends for the wonderful concert.

Aim to inspire others to do good

This group of friends came together in a bid to show their appreciation for everything that GrabFood riders do on a daily basis.


They were ambitious, putting up a live performance, but if there was any indication of what a great success it was, it would be the smiles you could see peeking through the delivery riders’ masks.

They aim to inspire others to pursue good through their initiatives and videos.

Be thankful even in challenging times

The world is in a state of flux as we continue our fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

In tough times, we should not forget the common bond of humanity we all share, as everyone is fighting their own battles.

It is important to be thankful for the people that tirelessly work to make our lives easier.

Although it doesn’t need to come in the form of a grand gesture like this, we hope this heartwarming video encourages Singaporeans to show their appreciation to GrabFood riders and those who serve the community we live in.

Featured image adapted from YouTube.