GrabFood Rider Collapsed On Road, Passer-By Helps Him Complete Last Delivery

GrabFood delivery riders have brought Singaporeans not just food and bubble tea, but also spurts of joy during this dark period.

Many of them work so hard that they hardly have time to take care of themselves, pushing their limits just to make a few extra dollars.

One GrabFood rider actually collapsed on the road while on a delivery run, but was helped by a passing driver who even helped complete his delivery.

Read the full account of what happened below.


GrabFood rider collapsed on road

According to the passer-by’s post, he was on his way home after dropping his child off at school when he saw the GrabFood rider collapse.


The passer-by exited his car to check on the man, who looked “very pale”.

He then helped the rider up, and assisted him in picking up his motorcycle as well.

Escorted rider home

As the rider kept saying that his stomach hurt, the passer-by advised him to head home.

However, the GrabFood rider insisted on completing his last delivery before doing so.


Understanding that the rider felt responsible to complete his task, the kind passer-by offered to help complete the delivery – after he escorted the rider home.

Thankfully, the rider agreed, and let the passer-by assist him on his job.

Passer-by helped complete delivery

The passer-by shared pictures of him fulfilling the rider’s duties later, delivering the boxes of food right to the recipient’s doorstep.


He even made sure to press the “dropped off” button, confirming that the job was done.


Urged others to be understanding of riders

The passer-by shared that he experience delivering goods before, and understood the rider’s fatigue and exhaustion all too well.

He asked Singaporeans to be more empathetic of riders and deliverymen, especially now that times are tough with lots of orders to complete.

Lastly, he reminded riders to take care of their own health, as health always comes first. If riders are feeling unwell, they should take some time off rest and recuperate before returning into work.

Be kind to others who are struggling

Going in to Phase 1 and reopening the economy will bring a whole new set of challenges for many of us.

It’s important that we stick together as a community, and be kind to each other as we overcome those challenges together.

Whether they’re struggling or not, be considerate and empathetic to others during this period of uncertainty. After all, we’re all in this together.

Featured image adapted from Facebook