GrabFood Rider Gets Seletar Island Order, Says He Rides A Bike & Not A Submarine

GrabFood Rider Shocked After Getting Order From Seletar Island, Can’t Deliver There

GrabFood riders have been in the spotlight lately due to the increase in demand for food delivery services as Covid-19 continues to lurk on our shores.

These riders work hard, often bearing the brunt of Singapore’s erratic weather, people’s frustrations and sometimes, ridiculous demands.

This GrabFood delivery rider may just take the cake on the most ridiculous order received.

GrabFood rider gets order from Yishun to Seletar Island

The GrabFood rider was doing a delivery when he noticed something amiss about the delivery location of his customer.

The customer’s address was located at Seletar Island.


The island is located in the Straits of Johor, off the Northern coast of Singapore.

The offshore island could not be accessed by the rider’s bike and he joked that he “rides a bike, not submarine.”

As soon as the rider realised the problem, he contacted Grab’s delivery partner support, hoping to be able to cancel the order and be reassigned another.


However, unlike a submarine, this request didn’t go down so well.

Grab support said they can’t reassign order

To his dismay, instead of assisting him in the situation, Grab delivery partner support brushed him off.

They replied the rider saying the order was “within the acceptable range” for his bike and hence they were unable to reassign the order.


The rider was confused by the situation and jokingly asked if he was supposed to swim to Seletar Island.

Kudos to the rider who maintained his cool in the face of an absurd request by Grab’s support services.

He even managed to keep his sense of humour in that moment, suggesting to swim over.

All’s well that ends well for GrabFood rider

Later in a Twitter update, the GrabFood rider’s sense of humour continued to shine through, joking that his arms were really tired from swimming.


Grab has also since reached out to him, apologising for the experience.


They notified him that the agent who was communicating with him would undergo additional coaching.

Grab has also deposited $15 into his Grab Wallet as compensation.

Better support for GrabFood riders in future

The Grab system for assigning orders and delivery partner support was slightly faulty in this case.

If we were to give it a grade, it might be below C-level.

Nevertheless, we hope the delivery process will be more seamless for our hardworking GrabFood riders in future.

Featured image adapted from Twitter and Google Maps.

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