OG Rock Band Green Day Is Coming To S’pore Again, So You Should Wake Up Before September Ends

Green Day Will Perform At Singapore Indoor Stadium On 8 Mar 2020

If you clicked to read this article, chances are you’re a member of the Idiot Club — we don’t mean to insult, but that’s truly the name of Green Day’s fan club.

Here’s some news that’ll make your day. Green Day will be performing in Singapore again, 9 years after their last concert.


According to a tweet from Amazon Music, Green Day, along with 2 other boy bands — Fall Out Boy and Weezer — are coming together to perform for Harley Davidson’s Hella Mega Tour in 2020.


Out of the 3 OG boy bands, only Green Day will be performing in Singapore. So, we’ll tell  you why you should definitely wake up before, not when, September ends.

Ticket & concert details

Green Day will be performing at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. In case you’re not sure what that looks like, here’s a picture of it.


The concert will be held on 8 Mar 2020, but ticket sales will only start on Friday, 20 Sep 2019.

If you’ve already made up your mind to get the tickets, here’s a video of the boys laying down some ground rules for the concert, like “no touching of the hair or face”.

Skip to 0:57 for the concert ground rules

For those who want to go all out and purchase VIP packages, details will be released shortly after ticket sales commences.

Who exactly is Green Day?

If you’re new to Green Day, here’s a little background info about them.

They’re an American rock band formed in 1987. It consists of 3 members (left to right):


With only 3 members performing significantly different roles, it wouldn’t be hard to tell them apart on the concert day itself.

Here’s a few of their top hits that’s worth checking out:

  • Boulevard of Broken Dreams
  • Basket Case
  • Good Riddance

You can see the full list of their top 10 songs here.

Remember to wake up before September ends

Hi-five if you got the song reference from the header.

Contrary to this Green Day song, you have to be awake before September ends to ensure that you get your tickets. Ticket sales in Singapore will start on 20 Sep 2019.

Pro-tip: If you want to get your tickets, it might be good to camp at your computers before ticket sales starts and keep refreshing the page so you won’t miss out anything. All the best.

Feature image adapted from NUS and Stick PNG.

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