Hamster Society Singapore Stops Hamsters From Being Abused; Over 8 Hamsters Up For Adoption

Hamster Society Singapore Has Helped Over 100 Abused Hamsters In 3 Months

Adorable, tiny and furry – these fluff-balls called hamsters actually need our protection. And Hamster Society Singapore is here to defend them.

They mean seriously cute business.


Sorry, we mean serious business.

Apart from imparting the value of a tiny life to humans, Hamster Society Singapore is on a mission to stop hamster abuse, with rescued hamsters put up for adoption.


So, if you like hamsters – obviously you do, you’re reading this – and are looking to own one, read on.

Hamster abuse is real

Hamster ownership crash course 101 – don’t abuse them. Sadly, the idea seems lost on many cruel beings.

Hamster abuse may not receive high public exposure as much, but it’s just as harrowing to come across forms of violence to these rodents.


Since they opened in March 2019, Hamster Society Singapore has already managed over 100 cases of abused hamsters – some of them found with flattened or missing limbs.

Oh dear.

Some recent cases that shocked hamster lovers

A shocking hamster abuse case occurred as recent as last month, The Straits Times reported, when the Society found 11 abandoned hamsters in Sengkang.

One was flattened on the ground, while another had a crooked leg and missing front paw.

The rest were scurrying about the vicinity trying to seek shelter.


Although they managed to rescue the poor creatures, three, unfortunately, did not survive. The rest suffered from kidney failure, parasitic worms, and skin infections.

In a different case, a resident in Tampines threatened to hurl his three hamsters down the rubbish chute if the Society didn’t take them in that day.


Why, just why.

Hammies up for adoption

If it hurts you just to read about hamster abuse, let alone coming across them face-to-face, there’s something you can do about it.

As Hamster Society Singapore does not have an official premise, rescued hamsters are fostered by its members.

Now, there are around 10 hamsters available if you’d love to give one or a few hammies a nice, loving home.

Just check out their adoption gallery.


We can’t with these cuties.

Similarly, if you’re unable to care for your pet hamsters anymore, you can surrender them to the Society. Read more about it here.

Adamant in the face of mockery

It’s tough championing a huge cause. But as president of Hamster Society Singapore, Ms Cheryl Capelli has big dreams for these small creatures.


According to an interview in The Straits Times on Sunday (9 Jun), the 25-year-old wanted to create a welfare society for hamsters with other like-minded individuals.

Though, people were quick to mock the idea. Ms Cappelli was quoted as saying,

They would say, “Hamsters only. Why need to do this?” But this flippant attitude is exactly why people have no qualms about throwing out entire families of animals into a box and then into a bin, where they suffer and die a painful death.

Preach, girl.


Ms Capelli went on to saying that Hamster Society Singapore is a labour of love to help these small animals.

“We change as many lives as we can take on, and we are educating a new generation of first-time hamster owners on proper care.”

How to contact Hamster Society Singapore

You may email them at hamstersocietyhelp@gmail.com. You should check out their FAQ page first in case your questions are already answered.


For time-sensitive matters regarding abandonment or abuse, you can reach out to them via Facebook Messenger.

Hamsters deserve your commitment and love

Animal abuse cases are, sadly, becoming rampant in Singapore. While we may not be able to stop them entirely, we can do our part by becoming responsible pet owners.

Before you decide to adopt a hamster on impulse, do note that a hamster’s average lifespan is 2-3 years. This is a long time if you’re not sure you’re ready to be committed.


Parents looking to buy or adopt hamsters to keep your kids company, have a look at the hamster care list first so that you know what your family is committing to.

Together, let’s ensure better lives for hamsters, and put an end to hamster abuse.

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