Volunteers Put Free Hand Sanitiser In 145 Bukit Panjang Lifts, Give 2,500 Bottles To Residents

Bukit Panjang Residents Get Free Hand Sanitiser From Volunteers Who Plan To Hand Out 1,100 More Bottles

From free Mama shops to leaving free hand sanitiser in lifts, Singaporeans have been doing whatever they can to help each other get through the Covid-19 outbreak.

One humble group just wanted to provide their community with some hand sanitisers, but ended up disbursing the goodies on an unbelievable scale, despite their limited manpower and resources.

Over just 2 days, the group of volunteers from the Zhenghua-Segar cluster in Bukit Panjang left 145 bottles of hand sanitisers in HDB lifts.


Covered 145 lifts in Bukit Panjang in 2 days

One of the volunteers, Mr Kelvin Lim, shared the incident via a Facebook video on his page. Check it out here:

Basically, Mr Lim and the other volunteers installed 145 bottles of hand sanitiser in HDB lifts in the Zhenghua-Segar cluster from 5 Mar to 6 Mar.


According to Mr Lim’s posts, they left 78 bottles of hand sanitiser on 5 Mar and 67 more the following day.


The video showed the group’s progress as members meticulously tied hand sanitiser and disinfectant bottles to the lifts’ hand rails.


Prepared for the handout since mid-Feb

Mr Lim has been updating his Facebook page with pictures of hand sanitiser and spray bottles since the middle of February.

He posted multiple shots of boxes containing disinfectant and industrial-sized hand sanitisers, all donations from fellow volunteers of the project.


They documented the entire process, from receiving the hand sanitisers, to repackaging and distributing them.

Here are some pictures of the supplies before they were unpacked.


Just look at how many spray bottles they had to fill!


Here are some of the volunteers of the group helping to transport what seems to be boxes of hand sanitiser. That must have been incredibly tiring!


From the photos, it seems like the group of volunteers actually individually filled and labelled every bottle of hand sanitiser. That level of dedication definitely deserves some respect and appreciation.

They also handed out hand sanitisers in the neighbourhood

Apparently, the residents’ initiative didn’t stop at just putting bottles of hand sanitiser in lifts.

According to the video, they also handed out 2,500 individual bottles of hand sanitiser around the neighbourhood.

Mr Lim’s Facebook post on 28 Feb announced where the hand sanitisers would be given out on 1 Mar.


While the project seemed to be quite a big undertaking for the volunteers, they still seemed to get the job done, judging from the video:

Here they are distributing the hand sanitisers at Jelapang LRT.


According to Mr Lim’s Facebook posts, the group intends to distribute 1,100 more bottles of hand sanitiser to people over the coming weeks.

Community effort made an impossible task doable

It’s truly amazing how many bottles of hand sanitiser the group gave out over just 2 days.

While they could have just restricted the effort to the lifts in their own blocks, they went way above and beyond all expectations to provide for the larger community.

From the documentation of each step of the process, to the lovingly put-together videos, it’s clear that they poured their hearts and souls into this project, and we’re glad their efforts payed off.


We sincerely commend the volunteers for their kindness and generosity.

It’s also heartening to see how community projects and donations have become almost commonplace during these testing times, and how many caring Singaporeans and organisations have come forward to contribute to their communities.

This just goes to show that truly, anyone is capable of making a big difference, as long as you put in the time, effort, and of course, heart.

Featured image adapted from Facebook

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