Beyblade & Hello Kitty Toys Available at McDonald’s S’pore From 14 Nov – 18 Dec

As children from the 90s, Beyblades and Hello Kitty toys kept us entertained for hours.

But now that mobile games have taken over, these toys have become a thing of the past. So if you’re looking to take a ride back to your childhood, here’s your chance.

On Tuesday (12 Nov), Money Digest revealed that McDonald’s Singapore will be giving away Beyblade and Hello Kitty toys along with their Happy Meals from 14 Nov-18 Dec.


New Beyblade & Hello Kitty designs every week

According to Money Digest, these toys come in a different design every week.

Here are the Beyblade and Hello Kitty designs you can look forward to. Do note that the designs are not presented in the sequence of their release in Singapore.

First up, we have Hello Kitty “Princess” and Manga character “Lui Shirosagi” and his Beyblade, “Nightmare Luinor”.


Also, you can also look forward to “Rockin’ Roll” Hello Kitty and “Shu Kurenai” with his Beyblade, “Spyzen Requiem”.


But if you’re looking for a superhero kitty, “Hero” Hello Kitty and top blader “Valt Aoi”, as well as his trusty Beyblade, “Genesis Valtryek” will be available.


Lastly, McDonald’s Singapore will also have “Mermaid” Hello Kitty and Spanish lead blader “Free De La Hoya” along with his Beyblade “Drain Fafnir”.


Comes with every Happy Meal

To get your hands on these superstar toys, all you have to do to buy a Happy Meal and you’re set.

Happy Meals in McDonald’s Singapore come with a 4-piece nugget box, small drink, and a choice of apple slices or corn. Alternatively, if you visit in the morning, you can get a Hotcakes Happy Meal that comes with 2 pieces of hotcakes and a small drink.


And once you’ve ordered, you’ll get to pick from the Beyblade or Hello Kitty toy of the week.

So if you’re looking for a quick throwback to the past, then it’s time to head down to your nearest McDonald’s outlet soon.

Feature images adapted from TH Promotions