HarbourFront MRT Security Screening Happening On 2 August

If your homes or offices are anywhere near HarbourFront MRT station, you should set aside ample time on Friday (2 Aug), for a security screening happening for most of the day from 10am to 4pm.


Land Transport Authority announced the move in a press release with SBS Transit and SMRT on Wednesday (17 Jul), calling for passengers to account for “additional time” during their commutes due to the screening.

Expect metal detectors & X-ray machines

You can expect to be asked to enter metal detector archways and place your belongings into a tray to be passed through X-ray machines.


This is a measure to promote “emergency preparedness” and to detect possible firearms, explosives and concealed weaponry under clothing.

Although the risks pertaining to the presence of these prohibited items on civilians are low, the drill is meant to help citizens be aware of what the protocol is during an emergency situation.

Which exit is the screening at?

Similar exercises have already been carried out since last year, around Singapore.

Do take note that the security screening will be carried out at all fare gates near these exits:

HarbourFront MRT (Entry)

  • Exit A
  • Exit B
  • Exit C
  • Exit D

HarbourFront MRT (Exit)

  • Exit E (Towards VivoCity)

Set aside time for slight delays

Some delays are to be expected as the security checks will probably be as stringent as those in airports, judging by the metal detectors and X-ray scanners.

Commuters are thus advised to factor in additional time for the security screening. We do hope that the checks go smoothly, and the citizens are well-prepared for any emergency.

Featured image from Facebook and Expats Living.