These Hari Raya Cat Outfits Will Give Your Feline Friends A Selamat Furry Raya

Cute Hari Raya Cat Outfits Available To Singaporeans

Picking a Hari Raya outfit for the family can be such a headache when everyone has their own unique preferences.

But picking one for a cat can be a totally different situation since the fluffy felines can’t have a say. All they’ll have to do is look cute in the outfit you’ve chosen.

And you’ll have so many to choose from when you shop from Malaysian company Geli Geli Kucing, which specialises in all things kitty.

RM60 (S$19.70) almond grey baju melayu

Traditional Malay costumes for cats

We humans already have our share of opportunities to look good on festive occasions, so why not let our pets have a go too?

Your cats may already look adorable now, but wait till they have a sleek Baju Melayu on. This pitch black top will hide their belly rolls perfectly.

RM60 (S$19.70), also comes in almond grey

The chest pocket comes with songket prints that’ll make for a classy little snack compartment.

If your cat is the less flashy type, tone down on the prints with the Baju Melayu Devon which has two plain, lower pockets instead.

RM45 (S$14.80) a piece

This design comes in 5 colours:

  • Purple raisin
  • Moss green
  • Mustard yellow
  • Royal blue
  • Candy red

Now if only kitties can put their paws in the front pockets.

Wide variety of designs to choose from

Wanna spice things up and try something different? Lucky for your fashionable felines, kurtas, or loose shirts native to South Asia, are also available.

RM42 (S$13.80) a piece

They’re supposedly longer than the Baju Melayu, but you can never tell with your cat’s pudgy legs. Pick between coral pink and opal green, or both, if you can’t decide.

Your sassy female cat isn’t forgotten, with this peplum Baju Kurung comprising an intricate print top and metallic gold bottom.

Peplum Ayraa in moss green for RM55 (S$18)

Since you’re already being extra with the cat outfits, go even further by completing the look with a songkok for RM18 (S$5.90). The string secures it to your cat’s head like a party hat.


With these outfits on, your cats will fit right into the family photo.

Order online & have it delivered to Singapore

The clean cuts, cute designs and affordable prices have surely had you reaching for your wallets already.

All the designs available

Good news for you — Geli Geli Kucing ships these products to Singapore. All you have to do is contact Ms Emma via WhatsApp at +60 13 461 0901.

Here’s how you should take your cat’s body measurement:


Orders are shipped every Friday, so expect to wait a few days before receiving your package. Stocks are running out fast though, so hurry and place your orders.

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