Chef Urges S’poreans To Accept Nasi Padang Price If They Can Buy Expensive Cafe Drinks

Chef Tells S’poreans To Look Past The Price Of Food

Most of you have probably been to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at least once in your life. You may have even bought a drink thinking that it was worth the money.

But a chef recent made a Facebook post comparing the prices of a cold brew to a Teh O Peng clearly showing that it is not.

He highlights that if people are willing to buy a cold brew for $7.50, you shouldn’t be complaining about a $6 Nasi Padang — or any reasonably priced hawker food for that matter.

Here is his post.


Ironic to complain about expensive Nasi Padang

The chef comments that it doesn’t make sense to purchase a $7.50 sakura cold brew tea over a $0.70 Teh O Peng as both are essentially the same thing.

However, people still choose to purchase Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s cold brew tea.

If someone can purchase the marked-up price of cold brew, they should not be complaining about $6 Nasi Padang on social media.


Singaporeans should be more understanding

Sure, $6 for lunch at a hawker centre might seem pricey. But Singaporeans are unaware of what goes on behind the scenes.


As a chef, he “feels their pain” as there are many hidden costs associated with managing a hawker store.

Prices of ingredients may fluctuate, rent is expensive and there is a problem of finding manpower are the unseen costs of running a hawker stall.

Give constructive feedback

Ultimately, his point was to urge Singaporeans to not discriminate.

Constructive and fair feedback should be given instead of going to Facebook to make “destructive” comments.

The next time you want to complain about seemingly overpriced food, you might want to reconsider if it is fair to do so.

Featured image from Facebook and KabaNews.

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