This XXL Packet Of Teh O Peng Will Give You Diabetes Just By Looking At It

Taipei’s Supersized Teh O Peng Is Only S$2.60

The conventional packet of teh or kopi from the kopitiam may just be enough to keep us alert on dreary Mondays at work.

But for those constantly plagued by insomnia, regular-sized packets just aren’t enough to keep us awake throughout the day.

Thankfully, there now exists an XXL packet of teh o peng, thanks to our telepathic pals from Taiwan.


Perfect post-hot spring drink

These supersized packets of iced tea can be found at 高記茶莊 (Gāo Jì Chá Zhuáng), in Xīn Beitou (新北投), Taipei.


Packets of teh o peng are hot favourites among locals and tourists alike, especially during the sweltering summer months.


The area’s famed for its hot springs, so these ice-cold packets of tea will be a perfect post-onsen refreshment.

The Mecca for all things tea

Taiwan is otherwise known as the BBT Mecca of the world, so it shouldn’t surprise you that there’s a huge variety of flavours for you to choose from.


The must-try here is undoubtedly the 无忧 (wú yōutea, a brilliant concoction of green and oolong tea.


The drink’s name translates directly to “no worries”. So the more you drink, the happier you’ll get, or so they say.

No xiu dai or kosong though

Unlike bubble tea shops in Singapore, you don’t get to choose the level of sugar here. So those who like having their teh pengs with xiu dai, or prefer the kosong version, you have been warned.


Our Ministry of Health wouldn’t approve it, but you know what? Taiwan’s well beyond their jurisdiction, so if you want to indulge in sweet drinks, we promise not to tell on you.

That said, Taiwanese reviewers claim that the tea here isn’t overly sweet and doesn’t leave behind the siap siap sensation that’s commonly associated with teh o.


3 sizes are available, but if you ask us, go straight for the largest packet which measures a whopping 30cm in height — yes, that’s even bigger than your face.


Here are their respective prices.

Small size: 25 Taiwan Dollars (S$1.10)
Medium size: 35 Taiwan Dollars (S$1.55)
Large size: 60 Taiwan Dollars (S$2.66)

Where to get your XXL Teh O Peng

If you’re making a trip to Taipei or Taiwan soon, this place should definitely be on your radar. Here are the exact directions you’ll need to locate your supersized packet of teh o peng.

Name: 高記茶莊 (Gāo Jì Chá Zhuáng)
Address: No. 30, Xinshi Street, Beitou District, Taipei City
Opening hours: Mon-Sun, 7am-10pm
Contact number: +886 2 2896 3568

Be warned, queues do get pretty long during the summer months.


One thing left to do — pray that the our Singaporean kopitiams catch on to the trend soon!

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