5 Hilariously Smol Things To Gift Your Friends Besides Teh Ping Earrings

Teh Ping Earrings Available On Carousell

There’s tons of merch for BBT-fans, from plushies to phone cases & even Halloween costumes.

But what about the Singaporean cousin of bubble tea — aka good ol’ teh ping?


Say hello to the latest viral craze sweeping the Internet — Teh Ping earrings. A charming and wacky way to hang bags of miniature drinks from your ears.

Since the festive season is rolling around, we trawled the internet for other adorable local trinkets you can gift your friends.

1. Teh ping earrings

Since S-Hook Jie‘s S-hook shirt seems to be sold out, here’s another way for you to show your teh pride.


You can even choose your beverage of choice, from Milo, Teh-O to Bandung or Kopi.


By the way, you can also upsize the Teh Ping you’re wearing as a tote bag for $19.90 from this shop.


Where to buy: Direct message BMYTA on Facebook.
1 bag for RM18 (S$5.93)
2 bags for RM30 (S$9.88 for a pair of earrings)
Shipping: Additional RM17 (S$5.60) for shipping to Singapore.

Alternatively, we’ve found pre-order listings on Carousell in Singapore with prices starting from S$5-$11 here and here.

2. Nonya kueh & bread ice cream accessories

Perhaps drinks aren’t your poison of choice. Well, we have good news for lovers of local desserts and snacks.


Miniature Asian Chef, hawks all manner of delectable local cuisine as jewellery at their online store.


From miniature Ang Ku Kueh and wafer ice cream ear studs, to necklaces filled with wee little iced gem biscuits.


Now you can flaunt all of the calories proudly, without any of the guilt or flab.

Where to buy: Order online at Miniature Asian Chef. Also available in-store at selected Naiise outlets.
Price: $22 (ear studs), $42 (necklace)
Shipping: Free local shipping for $100 purchases and above.

3. Cartoon amulets

These Thai cartoon amulets will allow you to show off your inner otakus, and apparently grant you extra ‘good luck’.


In other words, they’re Ultra-perfect gifts for those who love to be prepared for anything.


Can’t pick a favourite Avenger? You don’t have to. There’s strength in numbers for amulets too, just like in superhero movies.


Next time you’re hungry at work, just break this amulet and boil it with hot water. Definitely handy for all your stress-induced hunger pangs.

Where to buy: Amulets may be purchased from select temples in Thailand, but our Carousell search has turned up this rather promising alternative.
Price: $80 (Ultraman amulet)
Shipping: Meet-ups are preferred for this listing.

4. Summon Auntie Lego figurine

Lego-maniacs among us will agree that building imaginary worlds is a more engaging past-time for children than watching Baby Shark on loop.


So consider snagging one of these cool customisable ‘Brick Generals’ with your choice of locally-inspired items.


You can even customise the name of the designated ‘Summon Auntie’ in your clique of friends.


Or get a badass couple set for soon-to-be bride and groom as an adorable wedding present.

Where to buy: Order online at Brick Generals.
Price: S$10-$30, depending on props chosen. Upgrade to a keychain for S$5.
Shipping: Free local shipping with minimum spend of S$35.

5. Photoshop fail designer keychains

Those working in the creative industry will find this entry on our list super relatable.


A local designer has made keychains out of familiar icons and hilarious filenames we use on our Windows and Adobe applications.


They’re guaranteed to wow even the most professional of graphic designers.


Where to buy: Order online at Tea And Buns.
Price: S$10-$20, varies by design.
Shipping: $1 for local shipping.

Bonus: Baby-faced mini sculptures

Now we’re honestly hoping local artist Qixuan Lim will begin selling her creepy-cute mini sculptures as keychains someday soon.


They are morbidly fascinating and have gone globally viral recently, thanks to an album hosted on 9GAG.


Qixuan, if you’re reading. Drop us a ping when you’re finally selling these baby-faced macarons as jewellery. Our weird and wonderful friends thank you in advance.

Smol = Kawaii

While we can’t explain why everything is more kawaii when they are shrunk down to smol proportions, we do know that it’s best to bookmark this post.

Just in case you need inspiration for all the festive gifts you’re gonna shower upon your colleagues, classmates, friends and family.

Going hyperlocal is a safe choice — we’ll pop in one last surprise with this Iced Gem Tin tote bag we found.


Change it up a little this year from that typical ceramic mug. Simply think big by going a lot smaller.

Featured image from Brick Generals, Tea And Buns & BMYTA on Facebook.

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