Ultraman Amulet Will Protect You From Godzilla?

Think cartoon heroes and characters belong exclusively in the fictional world? Think again.

A compilation of cartoon-inspired Thai amulets featuring characters ranging from Iron Man to Doraemon has recently gone viral on Facebook.

Their appeal?

In addition to giving you the highest level of protection imaginable, these maverick amulets will allow you to show off your inner otakus.

Without further ado, here’s 8 cartoon-inspired amulets that you may wanna consider for added ‘good luck’.

1. Captain America

Captain America’s Shield will literally shield you from all the shit life throws your way.


We don’t quite get why he’s in such shock though. *Spoiler alert*

Perhaps he’s still haunted by the fact that Thanos wiped out half his Avengers comrades.

2. Iron Man

Not fond of Captain America?

Fret not, ‘cos Iron Man’s here to offer you Nitinol-level protection — the very material his suit is made of.


3. Avengers

If one superhero’s not enough for you, why not have 5 superheroes from the Avengers watching over you?


4. Doraemon

Armed with his four-dimensional pocket, Doraemon’s guarenteed to have every protective equipment needed to protect your sorry ass.

Coupled with the right blessings, this amulet’s a definite must-have for the kiasu at heart.

5. Big G

If Doraemon’s too adorable for your liking, perhaps consider Big G – also known as 胖虎 (Fat Tiger) – the school bully that terrorised every school kid in the Doraemon World.


If you’re thinking of getting an amulet for your kid who’s getting bullied in school, look no further.

6. Storm Trooper

Storm Troopers were good enough to protect Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine, so they’re probably an overkill for your needs.


7. Yoda and ’em Minions

But if you’re keen on having a Jedi watching over you at all times, look no further than Yoda and his 3 latest prodigies.


Wear this amulet you must, for protection it gives. (Yoda, 2018).

8. Ultraman

If all else fails, why not try out this Ultraman amulet?

Next time Godzilla attacks Yishun, you’re gonna be safe for sure.


Bonus: Maggi Mee

Having to OT on a regularly basis?

This instant noodle amulet might be your saviour, protecting your delicate stomach lining from your erosive gastric acid.


Next time you’re hungry at work, just break the amulet and boil it with hot water.

Definitely handy for all your stress-induced hunger pangs.

What’s your favourite amulet?

There may not be a way for Singaporeans to own such amulets yet, but a Carousell search has turned up this rather promising alternative.

Of course, before dabbling in these mystical charms, be sure to know what you’re getting into first.

Regardless, which of these amulets are your favourite?

Let us know which characters you would feature in your amulet down below.

Featured image from Facebook, Facebook and Facebook.