Civilians Help Man With Heart Attack In HDB Flat; Prove AEDs Can Help Save Lives

Civilians Used AED At Lift Lobby To Revive Man With Heart Attack

When we see those around us in need of help, many of us would not hesitate to lend a hand.

And in cases of emergencies, everyone’s actions count towards making a big difference in the recipient’s life.

On Monday (25 Feb), Singaporean lawyer and politician Murali Pillai shared the touching story of how an alert father and his 2 sons provided assistance to a man who suffered from a heart attack at their HDB block.

Their timely act of kindness eventually prolonged the man’s life for a month.


Wife frantically sought help

In Jan 2019, Mr Philip Tan and his sons witnessed a woman dashing to the ground floor lobby in a frenzy seeking help for her husband who was suffering a heart attack.

Mr Tan and his sons immediately rushed to obtain an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) from a nearby lift lobby and attempted to revive the man.

Thanks to their help, the man was successfully brought back to his senses.

Man’s life prolonged for a month

Although the man put up a good fight against the disease, he sadly passed away a month later.

And while a month may not seem long, this was a precious period for his family to spend time with him.

In particular, the man’s family members had an extra month to prepare themselves for the impending reality.

AEDs are in many public spaces

To many of us, the AED may seem familiar yet foreign at the same time. Despite seeing the red and white box every day, not many of us know how to operate the device in times of need.


However, as the above case has shown, it is extremely beneficial that we not only know the exact locations of AEDs, but also how to use the equipment.

Kudos to the lifesavers

So the next time you witness an emergency situation, step up selflessly and you may just help to extend, or even save a life.

We hope this heroic tale will also encourage more people to pick up lifesaving skills, and perhaps allow us to foster a stronger community spirit in our heartlands.

Featured image from Public Service Division and Facebook.

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