Halloween Horror Night Scare Actor Reveals Harassment She Faces On The Job, Urges Visitors To Be Considerate

HHN Scare Actor Says They Are Human Too, Urges Public Not To Harass Them

As Halloween draws near, many choose to enjoy the thrill of a good scare by attending Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Night (HHN).

In a TikTok video on 8 Oct, Terr, an HHN scare actor, reminded the public to spare a thought for those working behind the scenes of the event.


small rant because people really dont realise that we all have feelings too. imagine the person standing there for hours straight in a thick costume in the humidity is your family member & someone else mistreats them. how would you feel? #hhn #sg #hhn10

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She shared that over the years of working as a scare actor, people often “dehumanise” them, resulting in various forms of harassment.

Terr urged the public to show kindness as they, too, are humans with feelings.

Scare actor says they are often dehumanised & harassed

According to the TikTok video, Terr said the longer she worked as a scare actor for HHN, the more she realised how people tend to dehumanise them, forgetting that behind the makeup and costumes, they are humans.

Source: @pr00tpr00t on TikTok

“Everyone working as a scare actor has definitely experienced some form of harassment,” she said.

This includes people shoving them, shouting in their faces, or saying something mean. But sometimes, it goes beyond that.

Terr said she has heard of one incident where a group of guys started touching a female scare actor, thinking she was a prop.

When they realised she was a real person, they were unfazed and continued touching her. At that time, the girl was so afraid she didn’t move.

Sharing her own experience, Terr said over the weekend, when she was stationed at The Hunt for Pontianak scare zone, a girl stood just 5cm away from her face and started screaming. Even after Terr walked away, she continued screaming.

Source: @pr00tpr00t on TikTok

Terr said as much as everyone is there to have fun with their friends, it’s important to remember that the people working there are also humans with feelings.

Appreciate visitors who commend them

That said, Terr shared that there are also tons of amazing visitors at HHN who commended scare actors for giving them a thrilling experience.

She said they appreciate it a lot when their efforts are acknowledged.

Terr also thanked visitors who are mindful about not getting too close to scare actors in houses or scare zones.

However, Terr asked visitors not to expose scare actors when they see them hiding to avoid spoiling the fun for others.

She also urged visitors not to creep up behind them, shout at them, or try blocking their path, as this was “lowkey annoying” for those who only wanted to do their jobs.

Besides that, Terr shared that visitors do not need to be afraid when scare actors come close as they are not allowed to touch them.

On a lighter note, Terr said all scare actors could smell fear from a mile away and love to target those who are afraid. She then sneakily told everyone to be “very, very afraid”.

USS staff helped ensure their safety

At the time of writing, Terr’s TikTok video has garnered over 27,600 views.

Seeing her video, some said USS should add rules and regulations to clamp down on such incidents.

HHN scare actor

Source: @pr00tpr00t on TikTok

Terr replied that she was sure “plenty has been done” by USS, but there’s only so much they can do. Ultimately, it’s up to each individual to act appropriately.

HHN scare actor

Source: @pr00tpr00t on TikTok

In another comment, Terr said USS and HHN staff have helped to ensure their safety, and they’ve been “amazing”.

Some staff would go out of the way to ensure that the scare actors are okay after such incidents happen to them, sometimes even talking to them after a long day to ensure they leave with a smile.

MS News reached out to Resorts World Sentosa for a statement earlier this month, but did not receive a reply.

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Featured image adapted from @pr00tpr00t on TikTok and TheSmartLocal.

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